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United States * Canada - United We Stand


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United States * Canada – United We Stand




Artwork was not approved as is, miscommunication between mfg and Goundspeak.


Now that that is over, I would like suggestions on how to change the back of the coin. The logo can stand out over a single color. Like if the back was all black the logo could stand out in silver.


My other thought was getting the coin cut in the shape of the star/leaf and adding necessary text to back.


Input is appreciated as it has been all along.

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I know you wanted to have the GC logo in the 3 colours of the 2 flags, but what if you did just put it in the 4 colours of the real logo? That seems to be the only problem with it (unless I missed something else).


Doing the shape of the star/leaf would make an interesting non-symmetric coin, but then I'm guessing you'd have to completely redo the back to fit on the text from the front.

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I like the silver background with black logo (did you say you can do that too?)


How about putting your caching name on the back in place of "trackable at geocaching.com" and move that to the smaller language place? That would make it your personal coin rather than a generic coin.


Looks interesting.

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I like the coin and would buy or trade for it.


A solid color logo would be nice. But I think you should do the shape and drop the logo all together or make it smaller on the back.


Ok, if I knew you were going to continue the discussion, I wouldn't have locked the thread for you.


In the future, there's no need to open a new thread - just continue using the old one.






Umm oh pasta-rific one the other thread belonged to someone else....... :laughing:

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Login issue with my other account Atwell Family. Please check it out. (open ticket with Groundspeak)


I am a new user and I have jumped in both feet first. Made some mistakes and have taken note and tried to rectify, look at the post: pulled e-place listing, had open discussion with regards to coin and logo. I am not just trying to make a buck on some coin here. I am just trying to jump in and get the kids really going. Think this is a great thing to do as a family hence the different login name.


I understand people have been burned here and I am not trying to do that. My plan for release was to get a pre-production sample that will cost 25-50% of the total production cost. I thought that would help with some of these concerns. I would only invoice after the pre-production sample was completed and on display. Therefore I would be the one risking that cost up front and it would show my commitment to produce the coin.


Don’t judge all new comers with slighted eye. I’m persistent and think it is a good idea for family and kids.

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Personally, I really like the coin as is! It sounds like the logo has to be in the GC colors, but that seems to me like it would mess with the dynamics of the coin. The idea of the US/Canada map on the side instead of the GC logo sounds nice too, but I'd have to see a version before fully giving my opinion.



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