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The Geocaching Zone - a four piece set

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Not really... it makes AK & HI look like the butt of the US B)


Leave it as a 4 coin set, and i think it will look great!


Yeah - and AK & HI have been the butt of enough comments in this thread too! :)


Aloha Cachers will just have to make their own coin... :D and I'll snap up a few if they do!


We Alaskans already have our own lovely coin, which ignores elementary-school shape-obsessive geography in favor of the natural beauty of the land (Wolves, Denali, the northern taiga forest, the Aurora Borealis, the Big Dipper and the North Star, and of course a prospector searching for a cache...). There's still a very few Alaska 2006 coins available at Geocache Alaska's website for those interested, so I vote to make these Geocaching Zone coins a four-piece set (and I want a set, nscaler!). Anyone who wants a piece of the 49th state can order an Alaska coin or geopin, and if they want a piece of Hawaii I guess they'll just have to fly there and find it themselves! :D


For those wanting to visit Alaska - you should've cruised up in 2006. Next year it'll cost

you $50 more thanks to a new head tax orchestrated by 'green' coalition political action

groups based outside of Alaska - seems the 'Keep Alaska a colony' campaign continues...

In case you missed the Alaska Division of Tourism's edgy 2006 advertising promotion,

I'll leave you with this thumbnail photo of the campaign's giant billboard in Seattle...

it's a great theme!




(by the way - we don't allow ugly billboards in Alaska - unlike most of the lower contiguous states... :) )


Amazing that similar coins have been able to include Alaska and Hawaii but the creative minds here can't figure it out.


I am buying one of those coins but you can count me out on this offering. This isn't said because you are leaving AK &HI off the coin, it is said because without AK and HI in the set, I have no interest in it and will buy other coins. As it is my 4th mortgage, which I took out to pay for my addiction is killing me B)

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Agree with the previous 3 posts. Keep it a four-coin set.


ditto, what they said.




IMHO, no disrespect to our Hawaiian and Alaskan cachers, but the original idea really only

works with the contiguous lower 48 and you should stick to that. It's clever and will make an

attractive coin set.

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nscaler - thanks for so much fun with this thread! I really do love the 4-zoner coin, but can't resist a few more thoughts...




Gee - the lower 48 looks like a kind of battered box that Alaska was shipped in...

or, that dreaded yellow mailer that used to contain your geocoin before the postal machine ate it! :D


As for Indiana's position...

Doesn't 'Indiana' mean Land of the Indians? Perhaps... give it back to the Indians & leave it a 'timeless place'...

(Has any 'First Nations' organization or group suggested Indiana respectfully change its name?) :)

I understand Indiana's angst over which time zone to use. Look at their nickname - "Hoosiers" -

even Wikipedia can't agree on a root meaning for the phrase, although it leans to 'redneck'

and hastens to add Indiana residents delight in being called 'Hoosiers'.

So, local confusion over the time zone there is understandable. :)

(now remember - we Alaskans love Indiana - they have two state songs, one of which is

'The Wabash Cannonball' - ya gotta love a state that rocks to 'The Wabash Cannonball'!)


Heck, we fixed that time zone problem in Alaska the easy way - we just condensed four zones into one - pretty convenient. No more wondering whether Adak is two or three hours west of us - just put them in the same zone! For a call from Ketchikan to Adak, that's a similar distance to a call from Charlotte NC to San Diego. Looks like the lower 48 ought to just go to one time zone too - that'd simplify this coin thing as well! And let's forget that 'daylight savings time' stuff at the same time - how many of you need to 'save' daylight to do more work on the farm in the summer? Alaska's solved that problem as well - we leave the sun out almost all day in the summer! As far as short days in the winter - well, lots of Alaskan fix that by going caching in Hawaii... due south of us (and in the same time zone...) B) Just think how convenient transcontinental business would be - no more getting up early for 'left-coasters' to join in teleconferences with folks on the Atlantic seaboard; no more jetlag! (how can you be sleepy if its the same time everywhere?). As for when the sun comes up and sets - well, move to where it suits you! If you like lovely walks in the late evening sun after work, live out west. If you're a committed to being the early bird, live out east. Works in Alaska!

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We are back to the 4 coin set. :unsure:

Much nicer design anyway.

And I'm not making this coin.

Oakcoins is making the coin. This is just my idea and I was trying to get some input.

And let's leave Indiana alone. Things may be changing or have changed, but this is how it has been for a while.

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I submitted this idea to Oakcoins (nielsenc) and this is what he has come up with so far. He is doing the coin, just asking me for ideas. I did think that Arizona and Indiana should be different colors, being that they either have a non changing time zone or a mix of time zones in the state.

Christian says there will be 250 - 300 sets made.

They should be GC.com trackable, but unknown on the icon.

I don't know what metal or finish they will be done in.





Seems this is it. :unsure:

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Even Indianaians can't make up their minds! :unsure:



That maps a little out of date. As of this past spring, the state is on Eastern DST. I haven't made up my mind wether I like being on DST after living my entire life with out springing forward/falling back, but either way we are on EDST now.

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Even Indianaians can't make up their minds! :blink:




That maps a little out of date. As of this past spring, the state is on Eastern DST. I haven't made up my mind wether I like being on DST after living my entire life with out springing forward/falling back, but either way we are on EDST now.


Oh the glories of the internet!! :unsure:


Everything you find is up to date, accurate, & true! :o



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