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2GB MicroSD SanDiskCard from Digital Media Outlet

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I recently bought a "new , unopened" 2GB MicroSD SanDisk card from Digital Media Outlet on e-Bay. I paid around $90. The memory card was mailed to me only in it's plastic case. It was not packaged in sealed retail packaging from SanDisk as you would expect. I'm wodering if it was used.


Has anyone else bought a 2GB MicroSD card from Digital Media Outlet, and if so, did it come in just the plastic case? Are they a legitimate retailer?

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I tried the MicroSD card out anyway. It appears to perform perfectly. I own a Garmin 60CSx. I live in the NE. I was able to download all of the lower 48 from CN V8; the northeast region of BlueChart; the northeast region of Garmin TOPO and Garmin TOPO 24K. Incidently, even though it is a 2GB card, it's actual capacity is 1.89GB.


Regarding DigitalMediaOutlet, I don't know what to think. They have a peculiar website that can only be accessed via Google search or e-Bay. The web address is


Check it out and see what you think. Evidently I got a "bulk" memory card. I e-mailed SanDisk about them. All SanDisk came back with was "We're sorry but we are unable to help you". Go figure!!

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It is their way to save you money, bulk versus Retail packaging:



Maybe they can get away with this, since a MicroSD memory card is such a tiny object, and the packaging is so big anyway.


I don't think anyone other than sandisk makes microSD cards, esp in the 2gig size, so I wouldn't worry that you got a fake. And since the 2gig cards are so new I wouldn't worry about it being used either.

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