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Themed Caches

Lost Brews
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Hot Wheels (nevermind there's one in town already)

rubber chickens

Coins of all kinds

sports cards

golf balls

Native American

Trail or route caches (Route 66)


bottle caps.



There is an aviation themed cache in WI next to a RC airfield.

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There's one near me where you're supposed to bring or trade interesting matchbooks or matchboxes. (Not the toy cars, but small boxes that held or hold matches. <G>)

It's a very cool idea, but unfortunately, the hider used a non-waterproof cheapo disposable food container for a location on a wooded hillside - IOW, the contents get soaked everytime it rains.

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Advice on themes.


1) Make them voluntary so people can log the cache if they don't happen to have a pocket full of marbles to trade.

2) If you do want them to explore your theme set up the cache so they get exposure to the theme in order to even find the cache. (Example, use the number from the first NASCAR with a number as the clue to the location of the cache).

3) Avoid if at all possible requiring that they meet the theme after they find the cache. "I'll delete your log if you don't trade golfballs" This is just more work for you and a lot of cachers are either to stupid to read the rules, too ignorant to bother reading the cache page, or just want to make trouble by ignoring your theme and putting the burden on you as an owner to delete their log. These kinds of finders cheapen the finds of those few who do take the time to follow a theme unless you delete the logs. It's just not fun this way. Been there, done that, didn't have fun doing it.

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3) Avoid if at all possible requiring that they meet the theme after they find the cache. "I'll delete your log if you don't trade golfballs"


Heh. I'd be more likely to do the opposite - "I'll delete your log if you DO trade golf balls".

I'm a little tired of finding caches where someone has very obviously picked up a dirty lost golf ball from nearby, and dropped it into the cache as their trade item. I've actually taken the durn things OUT of the caches more than once - no point in leaving it cluttering up the cache when I've seen a dozen or more of them scattered around nearby while hunting the cache.


More seriously, and getting back to the actual discussion, I agree with all of your points, especially #'s 1 and 3. Sometimes, people end up going to a cache on the spur of the moment, and may not remember what the web page said; IMO, their find is still legitimate even if they didn't have a requisite trade item with them.

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Also more self-publicity...


We have a cache called Sugar and Spice - Tacoma that is for all things "girly" and is painted pink cammo. We also had my dad place one in the city he lives in and my sister in the city they live in, with links to them on the pages.


To counteract that cache, we then hid another one called Snips and Snails - Tacoma that is meant for "boy stuff". We did the same with this one linking it to others with the same theme...although my sister is still finishing the boy cache for her city... :laughing:


It is fun to see people's logs on them. We put them close enough to each other too, that most people find both at once.

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Just about ALL...wait...yes...ALL...of my hides are themed. We have a kids swag only cache, a dog swag only cache, one where there is no swag, just the stuff to make a sig. card to leave in the cache. We have also had them where you had to log in a certain "accent" or lie about how hard a 1/1 cache was to find. I LOVE doing themed caches, but even more, I love when people log how much they enjoy mine!

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I just put out a puzzle cache with a Lemony Snicket theme. The finder needs to have knowledge of Lemony Snicket and his books (or find the info online) to solve the puzzle. The cache contains Lemony Snicket related items.


I wish we lived closer..I am such a Lemony Snicket fan. 9 days until The End.


Great cache idea.

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I have a party box for trading party-related items (which of course can be just about anything) and a Liberary for trading books, my friend has a princess cache where you can trade pink items and a Horror Box for trading all horror stuff. :o

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We are working on a tour of the Universe, A tour of caches that will be a fun and educational trip through our universe done to scale. We will be planting this in the spring. I think it is most fun to take a hobby or interest and turn it into a cache. :o


Here's one of 9 caches a couple of local cachers did in CT using the 9 planets Solar System cache.


Here's a bookmark for Covered Bridges caches including tours (some are mine, thanks for the opportunity to plug them) ;)

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Here's one of 9 caches a couple of local cachers did in CT using the 9 planets



There's a similar series in MD - here's the cache listing for the hider, which shows them (most are on the second page):




His are all micros AFAIK; some in the woods at a local park, some are urban. Out of curiosity, do you plan yours as micros, or as small/regular with theme items?

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