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Trackable Nero Personal Geocoin.


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Ok, I've been discussing this on another forums for a little bit, and I have a semi final artwork available to view. so who would be interested in purchasing MY personal geocoin.


nothing is final yet, i'm just testing the water here..


it's a 1.75" coin


I'm thinking of making available 200 coins.


100 Nickel and 100 Black Nickel.


gc.com trackable and its own mini Nero icon.


PLEASE, just if you are interested let me know.


you are welcome to send emails of interest to kf6jax AT gmail.com as well as posting here.



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Outstanding Nero! Would definitely love to have one of these in dark nickel. Please add us for a trade or buy. Glad to see you making the leap :laughing:


make the leap?


currently at total requests of....66 from email and forums here

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Holy smokes, I must have jut crawled out a mental cave! I knew you had tokens and such with your avatar, but I had no idea you already had a Nero Coin out there. I just saw it over at cointracking and it's great, but I still love this one, too. Now I'm going to have to find some to trade for the other version. Sorry for my confusion :laughing: (still want this one in nickel!!!)

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