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Last Sunday, I led a group of girls in my daughter's brownie troop up Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, WA to do a geocache treasure hunt. Well, when the girls finally discovered the tupperware container of the public cache.. my God people can be so cruel and disgusting... someone had gone number 2 in the container. I would have thought it was an animal but they left a note with a link to the below location describing "geodumping"




I tried to clean up the container as best I could. It was a terrible mess. The smell made me and my daughters gag.


I really hope this is not a new trend among young boys who think this is funny. Has this happened to anybody else?

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s*** happens. You are not the first person to find a cache that had been used as a handy receptical by a person with a scat fetish who thinks their crap worth preserving and showing off. Oddly enough you probably did see the best this person had to offer.


I'd of trashed out the container and left another one, then emailed the cache owner and let then know what you did and why. It doesn't happen often.

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I tried to clean up the container as best I could. It was a terrible mess. The smell made me and my daughters gag.


This just happened to one of my caches too. No need to clean it up though. Best just to put it inside two plastic CITO bags (Safeway shopping bags) and drop it in the trash. I didn't even want the logbook.


I really hope this is not a new trend among young boys who think this is funny.


It's not. This is a random act.

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I have a cache that someone peed in. I tossed the it contents and all, then moved the replacement container about 25' away just in case they decided to come back.


What cache was it that you found geodumped on Tiger? We were up on Tiger yesterday and were glad we didn't run across it. Although we did run across a cache that had been muggled, all of the contents were gone but they left the ammo box. Go figure.

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Yup - just happened to me this weekend at my Connors Bog II cache... the vandals made a hash of the contents, trashing everything, then creating a #2 biohazard in the 50cal ammocan. From the remarks on the trash, it appears to be the work of juvenile males inordinately fascinated with human reproductive organs. The little 'whackos' were running the risk of being discovered in the act - this is a very popular dog park, too. ;)

The really bad part is they appear to have disappeared a trackable from the cache contents. :D


Serious note - with hepatitis (transferred through contact w/human fecal matter - and present in one out of two persons from some Alaskan rural communities) a significant health hazard around vagrant camps in Anchorage, I treated this container and the trash as biohazard materials & it is going to a disposal point for such stuff today. :) We counsel local cachers not to place near known vagrant camps (more than 300 persons living in the woods in one 9-square mile central part of Anchorage alone) due to health hazards such as this. With that size ammocan selling for $3 at the local surplus sales point it just isn't worth it to try and clean up the old one...

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