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Criminals are aware of GPS and it's potential

batsgonemad and his squirrel
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Having read an article in the new SA 4x4 magazine written by Kevin Bolton herewith an extract for your info:


The professional criminal element in SA is very aware of GPS and it's potential. Not only are they stolen for resale in the streets and neighbouring states but also as an aid to committing crime.

I'd like to warn readers that you should not save a waypoint in your GPS as HOME or HUIS, but rather give HOME another name ( mine Bats Cave) he he. Use a code- for example, the name of your dog Rex. The reason for this is that if your hi-jacked, the criminal will get your car, your car keys, and most probably your house keys with your home address in your GPS, and he'll know that you'll be stranded for a few hours until you've reported the incident and until someone collects you.


This gives him the ideal oppertunity to locate your house and clear it of your possessions.


Extract from: Directionally speaking, written by Kevin Bolton for SA 4x4 magazine October 2006


Food for thought. I thought i'd share it with you guys so as to make you aware of the posibillitys. :D

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Eh, the only 'personal' information I have in the GPS is my phone number. Technically, there's a 'home' icon, but I live in an apartment, so they'd have to hit like... 100+ apartment rooms to find mine :D


As with the phone... eh, they can go nuts calling it. Worst thing they can do is fill up my answering machine :D

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So jaar of wat terug maak ek sommer 'n mooi lys om te gaan "vind" daar doer anderkant Bronkies. So wragtag, kryp 'n platneus my BLI deur die venster en hol weg!


Mog die ou AL sy mater na my "home" toe bring ... ek wag vir die swerkater! En nie met koekkies en tee nie!


Ek wonder hoe lank die aap sy tjomme probeer bel het van sy pasgesteelde super-dooper-ultra-mod selfoon af. Dom irk.

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