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Just wondering whether anyone has had some experience buying and using any of their new digital maps, specifically Botswana.


Curious as to the detail that is contained in the maps. The maps used to be free to download, but I see they have changed this and one needs to pay for the maps now. The prices seem reasonable... but this depends on what one gets, so would like to hear if anyone has used these before throwing some money at it.



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I found a CD in a cache a while ago with some T4A maps on it. The maps had much less detail than Mapsource, but still had most places of interest & almost all of the petrol stations. The detail in the reserves & parks was better than Mapsource as more gravel roads are mapped & also some of the technical sections for 4x4's. I can't remember if Botswana was included in the maps, but most of southern africa was. Ill scratch around for the CD if you want a copy.


Hope this helps.

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I have used T4A for about a year now while traveling. The detail is sufficient for traveling, meaning major roads, 4x4 routes, poi's, etc. They are much better than the basemap in your GPS, and if you are driving through Bots than I would suggest using them. If you are looking for street level maps, than T4A is not going to give you that.


I think the map costs about R50 for Bots, so it is worth the money considering how much you will spend on your trip in general. and you are supporting those fellow mapmakers down in George!


TGF - just a word of caution on copyright infringement with that CD. :mad:

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I've only heard good things about T4A. As they create the maps from actual tracklogs you will not find as many mistakes as you do with Garmap maps, though on the flip side, they are not auto-routable.


I have downloaded a tracklog onto a friends PC with T4A and the tracklog was exactly over the road.

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