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Car Trouble

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It all began... a very short, short time ago: < *bring* - turn page >


With only 8 cache finds to go for our first centenary, we decided to take it pretty slow while touring the lovely province of Mpumulanga over this past (enjoyable) long weekend...


* bring *


After travelling over a 1000 kilometres, visiting Barberton, the Sudwala Caves, Blyde River Canyon, White River and finally passing through Nelspruit for the last 2, we thought this would be a breeze...


Then suddenly... gearing became a problem with the car suddenly stalling! "Oh no!" the little Team Farmers cried, "what could be wrong?"


Slowly getting out the car, one little Team Farmer said: "Hmmm... I think it could the the pressure pad on the clutch which is preventing the clutch from disengaging".


"Oh", the other little Team Farmers said.


So with just 2 finds to go, we had to abandon our quest (for now), and travel back home to Joburg very slowly in 4th gear...


The End


* bring *


Anybody have a similiar story? - or do you guys have Rolls Royce's? :)

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do you guys have Rolls Royce's? [/i] :antenna:

I was thinking today as I was driving my little Tazz up a small two track road (off road) to get closer to a cache, what do other people use for geocache hunts? Luckily I did not have a break down yet, so maybe you must invest a little money in a Toyota Tazz - I found 88 caches in mine!

If you want to read a similar story, read Mount Carmel - Broken but not beaten by GPS storm - they've hidden a cache at the spot where thier vehicle broke down.

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We had a similar experience. We took our new (to us) 4X4 up to Spitzkop in Knysna. Road was rough and steep. Driver engaged 4X4 and engine died! :mad: Driver tried serveral times to re-start, but 4X4 would not budge. No noise came from engine, just the clicking of the key! So 2 of us left driver and walked up the hill to find the cache, thinking that 4X4 would eventually start. We found the cache, and walked back, by then it was raining.To cut a long story short we had a very precarious free wheel down the hill backwards (no place to turn around) and then we had to try and find a recovery service in Knysna late on a Sunday. And we had 3 dogs with us. Great fun!! And then we had to call somebody to come from George to take us home. We (3 people & 3 dogs) ended up riding home on the back of a bakkie in the rain!


But the cache was worth it!

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We had a similar experience driving our 4X4 up Papegaaiberg in Stellenbosch. Parked at the top, admired the 360° views and found the cache. It was just getting dark when we hopped back inside and turned the key... nothing. Sunday evening, up on a mountain, rain approaching, two dogs. Hmmm. Eventually pushed the 2 tons far enough to have it roll down the hill, hopped in and roll started. It's not even funny in retrospect!


Hey! Perhaps we should leave some tools in caches! ;-)

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