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Spring Picnic May 7, 2007 -- Potato Creek Indiana

Gary and Mary Adventurers

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The date and location for the Spring Picnic in Indiana has been finalized. Potato Creek State Park near North Liberty, Indiana will be the location, and May 12, 2007 will be the date. The Quaking Aspen Shelter has been reserved, and coordinates will be posted on the Event page as the date nears. We are working with the local DNR to make sure that this event will be good for the park, as well as good for geocachers in the region.

Volunteers to help with the planning and organizing WILL NOT be discouraged, so let us know if you would like to help.


Mark this date on your calendar, and be prepared for a day of fun with fellow cachers.


Hope to see lots of folks there from all of Indiana, as well as the surrounding states (or anywhere if you are willing to travel) :lol:

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Just to clarify. The subject line says May 7. The first post says May 12. Which one is it?


Since May 7th, 2007 is a Monday (when, unfortunately, most of us will be at work) while May 12th, 2007 is a Saturday (when most of us will be free) then I suspect that the date is May 12th. Still, that is a rather embarassing error in the subject line.


Alright!! Nothing short of losing my job ...


Actually I find that having a job cuts into my geocaching time. :lol:

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THe correct date is the 12th, and not the 7th as was in the title to this thread.


I stand corrected, or should I bow to PRW and Treasure Hunting Family


A new thread with a corrected title has been started please post there


PS how do I close or lock this thread????


Thanks for the interest

Gary of Gary and Mary :lol:

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