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Logging finds in Google Earth

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I use Google Earth to plan my weekend caching trips. The problem is that I can't distinguish visually between caches I have found and those I haven't. I could image manually placing a placemark over each found cache - this would work but is very hard work and so boring. I'm sure some of you clever Groundspeak people and GE experts out there have already thought of this one. Could you share it with me?

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Search these boards for something called Google Tweaker. It allows you to change the icons for found caches, different types, etc.

I just searched for "Google Tweaker" on all the Groundspeak forums, and all I'm finding are indirect references like this one. I would appreciate it if someone could provide more specific information on this potentially-interesting tool. Anyone?



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:):D:) I thought I had cracked this, but it seems not. I have created placemarkers based on a Pocket Query, and recoloured them - manually, because Google Earth Tweaker doesn't offer much choice.


However, I now find that:

1. Not all placemarkers coincide exactly with the geocache markers, although they are based on identical coordinates. Sometimes the discrepancy is quite large. Does anyone know why?

2. Every time the geocaches are updated, they appear on top of my manual placemarkers, thus obscuring them. Eventually they slide underneath, only to re-appear later.


What can I do to improve this? All I want is to distinguish between found and unfound caches. Surely there must be a way which really works?

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I down load the PQ that shows all of my found caches. Then I open the gpx file in Google Earth. I do not save it in google earth. I reopen it every time, an extra step but simple. I allow a couple of minutes for all the icons to settle in place before I start planning. I end up with orange icons generally covering up all the caches I have already found, makes it very easy.

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What I usually do is run a PQ of the closest 500 unfound caches to my house (or to the area where I am looking for caches to do) and simply load it into google earth. I then turn off the kml. The disadvantage is that I can't tell what type of cache each one is before I open it, but at least the found caches don't clutter things up.

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