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News of Sue

Amazon Annie

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Hi All,

I thought I'd start a new topic as this is all about Sue Dawe's condition. Updates are forwarded from Cheeri0's (Neal and Sandy).


Hi everyone,


Sue was taken back into emergency at Credit Valley around 5:00 pm today. She was experiencing a lot of pain on her upper right side. This is her good side. It turns out that she has a blood that is not life threatening. It has moved to her right lung as far as we know. She is back on morphine, and Heparin which is a blood thinner. When we left at midnight she was starting to dose off and was experiencing less pain less often. Rebecca, Allan and Marge were with her, and we will take them back first thing tomorrow morning. We will keep everyone posted.


Take care,

Sandy and Neal



Thursday morning update.


We took Rebecca and Marge back to see Sue this morning.


Sue had been moved to a quieter part of the emergency ward as she did not get any sleep last night. She is scheduled for a ‘doppler scan’ today to locate additional blood clots in her left leg. It was a clot from that location that moved and lodged first in her right shoulder area, then to her right lung causing her great pain in both instances. Marge was quick to realize that Sue needed emergency care. Sue is off Heparin today as she has been given her maximum in a 24hr period. Treatment would probably resume tonight.


Sue will most likely be kept in hospital for a few more days. Marge (Sue’s mom) will delay her departure back to Winnipeg again to stay with Sue, Rebecca and Allan. Sandy and I will drop by again around 4:00 PM. Once back home, we will issue another update.


Again, take care






Hi everyone,



Here’s the latest: (7:30pm Thurs)


Sue has been moved out of ER to a semi-private room in Ward 2C. She is still in a lot of pain, but it has now moved from her right lung to her lower right arm. She is currently on Morphine, Tylenol 3s, and Heparin. Sue managed to get some sleep during the day today, she has been eating and when possible readily participates in conversations. Although anxious to be out of the hospital, it appears that she might be in there for the next few days.


Rebecca and Marge were with her today, and Allan came by in the early afternoon. Marge has cancelled her ticket back to Winnipeg, and will once again stay as long as she is needed. I will drive Marge back to the hospital tomorrow morning.


My guess is that Sue would probably appreciate a few visitors over the next few days.


We’ll keep you posted.


Take care,





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