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Recruiting further Officer for Dartmoor Group

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I am trying to create a new group called Dartmoor National Park. - the mission as follows - To provide group where serious users (or not so serious users)of the Dartmoor National Park can waymark unmovable points of interest with the view of encouraging persons to visit or view. Dartmoor is a wild and magical place and is full of hidden points of interest such as inscribed stones, Bronze age remains, Medieval and later mining remains, modern and not so modern Military remains (Dartmoor hosts three active Military ranges). There are numerous hidden treasures you will not fid in any book. Such waypoints that could be included are the Dartmoor Tors, hill summits, river sources, Archaelogical ruins (such as Tinner Huts, Blowing houses, Mine buidings, Bronze Age settlements), military structures, inscribed stones, bound stones, the three classic Dartmoor letterbox sites of Cranmere, Fur Tor and Ducks Pool,literally anything unmovable of interest to Dartmoor users. This would give purpose to some peoples walks, educate others on the massive unseen large and miniscule locations and items of interest that are out there and remain unseen or unfound to many.

A mega plus is the fact that this will give the UK geocachers and waymarkers a pure UK catagory.


There thats about it - other than to say that Dartmoor National park has many thousands of UK and international visitors a year, all year round.


We are looking to recruit at least one more officer so we can go to the next step of category creation.


Thanks :anitongue:

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You might find the "National Parks of the World" category meets your needs. It allows several options for locations within a national park.


National Parks of the World - Directory Link


:laughing: The Blue Quasar


Yeah Blue Quaser I did look at that but from what I can see you are only able to create one waymark for the National park on it's own. What I would like to do is to be able to create or encourage creation of numbers of waymarks within that one National Park category. Dartmoor National Park is the home of "Letterboxing" and as such attracts numerous persons to do this hobby. At the moment waymark logging has not caught on yet in the uK but I feel this is down to the lack of advertising by Waymarking.com. It will catch on but I feel that the more UK waymarks there are in one UK category will encourage more people to start. I have included in the clues of the geocaches I own instructions on how to find nearby waymarks I have already created so they may do them at the same time.


Thanks for your interest - I am still waiting for one more officer to join to get us started by the way - you up for it?





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You might find the "National Parks of the World" category meets your needs. It allows several options for locations within a national park.


Interesting ... but I don't think National Parks of the World is the answer.


The individual features in the "national parks of the world" category are:



-Visitor Center

-Plaques/Educational Display

-Major Park Feature



This doesn't really fit in with Grimspound & Jem's proposal, because Tors, Tinner huts, stone circles, letterboxes, mires etc would all fall under "other". (Although some of the firing range warning signs could fall under plaques :huh: )


I do, however, see a problem with this in that the "Dartmoor" category actually cuts across a swathe of logically distinct categories that happen to be physically located in Dartmoor. Now, I don't understand Waymarking well enough to know if this is the right way to go about things or not. But I can well imagine that there is room for discussion.


For example sites of plane crashes on Dartmoor (of which there are a few). should they be in "Plane Crash Sites" or "Dartmoor".


Similarly trig points: UK trigpoints (cos that's what they are), or Dartmoor (cos that's where they are).


Or is the category for things that only occur in Dartmoor?


I don't know the answers to these questions and am not arguing either way.


Or am I jumping the gun and this discussion should be had later on in the category proposal?


I must declare an interest: I love Dartmoor, although I do not visit there as often as I would like. I was there a month or so ago. Wonderful!

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to all you UK waymarkers - We are still waiting for the third officer to volunteer their services - failing that will have to give up idea which would be a shame seeing there are so many of you out there that use Dartmoor on a regular basis - come on volunteer so we can take it onto the next stage



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