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Hi Folks.


Just wanted to drop a quick line to let everyone know that I'm AWOL for a bit.


I've got several coin art jobs in the works with a few of you and a handful of trades that were supposed to be going out this week. And this was the simplest and quickest way to tell most everyone, since I'm only stopping by the house for just a bit.


As it stands right now, it may be this weekend on the art & next week on mailing out the trades.


The reason...


Sunday night around midnight we had to rush the wife to the hospital with chest pains.

Thank God it turned out she was NOT having a heart attack.

But they weren't sure what was causing the pain.

Other than Sun. night, she hasn't had any more pain like she was experiencing when we rushed to the hospital. Just one mild episode earlier today while they were doing a stress test on her, but the pain wasn't even close to what she was experiencing Sunday night (according to her)

Since she is diabetic, they are running a battery of test on her to try and figure out why she was hurting.

She goes for a heart cath around 10 in the morning. So, hopefully that will show something that they can repair easily with angioplasty while they are in there. If not, I'm not sure what the next step is, since they have ruled out just about everything else. :blink::o


But anyways, keep us in your prayers & thoughts that they can get her back on her feet ASAP!!


Gotta run!

I'll check back in whenever we get back home (hopefully tomorrow evening or Thursday) and update you guys!


Take Care

D-man :)

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I had spent about 30 minutes typing out a lengthy reply to let everyone know we were back home and everything was A-OK, and what the doc said, when the power blinked off for some reason and I lost everything!! :laughing::)


So... long story short...

We're back home.

Doc said she has a healthy functioning heart and that is NOT why she was having the chest pains.

She hasn't had any more episodes of pain since that night.

Heart Doc said for her to follow up with her family doctor.


Ruled out: Heart, Gall Bladder(removed 10 years ago), Acid Reflux Desease, & any respiratory conditions.


She's feeling much better, other than being sore from the IV's & the spot in her leg where they entered her blood vein for the Heart Catherization procedure Wednesday morning. A few days rest and she should be on her feet back to normal.


THANKS!! to everyone for their thoughts & prayers!! :D


D-man B)

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Glad to read that everything seems to be OK :wub: If it helps any, my wife, Sharon (the better half of the team) had a heart episode about a year or so ago. EMTs came at at 3 AM, we went to the hospital, the whole deal. It turned out to be a temporary misfiring of the heart muscle. The attending physician had a similar episode a year or two beforehand, so he knew how frightening it was. Sharon hasn't had anything like that since, and we're hoping that the same goes for you! NOt being the praying sort, I'll just keep some good thoughts headed your way :wub:

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