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LOOKING for GPSt - prices? etc

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Hey folks,

My first love, and origin of my geocaching addiction, hiking, is once again calling for an expensive piece of hardware. I'm looking for a GPS transmitter; one of those emergency transmitters. That, or one of the EPRB devices that doesn't use GPS (just broadcasts on all other frequencies). They seem to cost a minimum of $400, and can go upward of $1000 retail. I'm looking to see if anyone has one used that they want to sell. I'm not too sure I'm going to buy one right now, but I'd like to see if anyone has one and what kind of prices people would be looking to sell one for. I also welcome any advice for places to look or other similar units that are cheaper. I am thinking of hitting the AT for a thru-hike in the next year or so, and it would make my folks a bit more at ease if they knew I could call in the big guns if something really bad happened (hey, where'd my legs go??? what's with this large rock in the trail...).



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Thanks for the info. I'm still looking... because... from that ebay auction and links, I actually found out EPIRBs are used for nautical emergencies, while PLBs are used for land-based, which is what I need it for. So, for specifics purposes, I'm actually looking for a PLB. That was a good link which has thus enlightened me. Thanks!



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