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Magellan Sportrak Map w/ all the bells & whistles


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Magellan Sportrak Map for sale with all the bells and whistles


Listed along with all the accesories are the prices for each item if bought seperately at Magellan's web site.


Magellan Sportrak Map - about $200 new

cigarette lighter power cable - $22.50

1 data cable with serial - USB adapter - #31.50 + $45 = $76.50

1 data cable - $31.50

1 suction cup mount for car - $45

1 swivel mount -$22.50

1 bike mount - $36

1 neoprene case - $18

Mapsend Topo USA 3D - $150



Over $400 worth of accessories PLUS $200 worth of GPSr


Unit is in good shape (other than usual scratches, ect.) and works perfectly. I got a Lowrance iFinder H2O for Father's day and finally got it figured out so I don't need this one anymore.


I think somewheres around $200 or so would be great by me. If you don't think so, shoot me a price and I'll mull it over. Buyer pays cheapest shipping cost (probably USPS) and I would prefer PayPal.


Thanks for considering buying this fine GPS (shameless butkissing),



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