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Geocachew Nuts personal Colorado geocoin design..input?

Geocachew Nuts

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I just got back from the post office

to mail out the first shipment (anyone who has ordered/paid so far).

Thanks to all of you who wanted some of my coins!

Still waiting on some of you who were on the reservation list.

Price per coin is 12 bucks with free usa shipping (first class).

One person backed out so far.

Come on...these cost me 8 $ each.

...with pay pal and shipping costs i am just trying to recoup my cost.

Anyway, if that is to much for a beautiful 2 inch coin....don't let me know.

If you want some, let me know...they are ready to ship asap!

Thanks again.


GeoCachew Nuts


P.S. coins do NOT come with the beads...

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i still have three antique brass, and some polished gold. (about 25 only!)


****i am shipping to USA ONLY @ this time*****


sorry for the hassle, but shipping over the border (wherever that may be) seems

to be an even bigger pain.

it is just not worth it to me.

please email me for paypal info and shipping via USPS First Class same day!

coins are $12 each with FREE shipping usa.


some have threw a fit saying "thats way to expensive!"

i am paying pay pal, and shipping first class!

i have to at least break even here folks!

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here is another pic of the back of the polished gold coin.

i added the beads to this one.

my coin is next to glens Initial Point Geocoin.

glens is a 3 inch coin.

mine is a 2 inch coin.

still have some left to sell.

i have 150 more coins to have made.

(have paid for 250 trackable #'s)

so, i think i will do some regular copper and some polished silver, and a bunch of antique finishes.

let me know if you have special requests before i order the remaining coins in their individual finishes.


let me know what you think of the coins when you get them.


p.s. again, i am shipping to the USA ONLY at this time.

i have recently heard some horror stories about shipping outside this country.


GeoCachew Nuts

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brace yourself!.....

12 bucks each with free shipping to usa.

and shipping to usa only.

i ship same day via first class mail from usps.

let me know.

it would help with trade offers to send a pic of the coins

to trade. however, i am not to interested in trading.

i would love to get the new mexico coin though.


two inch coin

trackable on gc.coom

custom icon (see my avatar)

limited # of coins to be made.

250 most likely

only 100 so far.

i have polished gold an a couple of antique brass

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Mine came today and I could not be happier, except I want some in the rest of the finishes too! So, mark me down for two in antique copper, two in antique brass, two in antique silver, and two of any other finish you decide to do, I think these would be awesome in antique nickel, I would take five of those... hint ~ hint... :unsure: Brace yourself? These are awesome, a bargain at 12 bucks in my opinion. :blink: Glen

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