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To all my fellow geocachers in Indy!


For those of you that I wasn't able to visit or call to tell you the information personally, please forgive me. This has all happened so fast - I think we are still in shock ourselves!


We are moving to Hawaii! Michael was offered a position with FedEx that is full-time and with a good pay increase! For those of you that truly know Michael, his heart's desire has been to move back home, to Hawaii. We've signed the paperwork and it is official. Michael reports for work on the Big Island (Hawaii) one month from today! I will go over with him October 12th or 13th to find a furnished apartment with a short term lease. We have a Realtor in Hawaii that is finding some rentals for us to check out. I'll come back on Oct 15th/16th and stay until Andrew finishes the 1st semester of school - end of December. I plan to have my family together in Hawaii for Christmas. We will then look for a house once we've figured the areas out.


How can you help?


Pray! This has truly all fallen into place very very quickly. We need His guidance to keep us sane! :laughing:) Lift Andrew up - 13 is a hard age to move - especially 1/3 of the way around the world! :blink:) Michael will be there 10 weeks by himself while we wrap things up here. We are looking for a new school for Andrew as well - so please pray that it is obvious which one to send him to. We need to sell the house QUICKLY so we don't have to support two households for very long.


We need to find a home for the puppies. They would be quarantined in Hawaii for one month before we could take them home and without knowing where we are living and in going to apartment, we feel that it is best to have them find a new home here as soon as possible. Hershey (chocolate lab) and Molly (black lab) are litter mates and we need them to go together. They are 2 1/2 years old and fixed. If you know of anyone that would give them a good home together, please e-mail me and let me know!


We also have one cat, Tanner (hood-orniment!) who needs a home. She is fixed as well and is a lap cat. She won't miss the puppies. ;))


We are going to be selling all 3 vehicles!


1) 1991 Acura Integra

186,000 miles - needs alternator and battery


2) 1991 Ford F150 Pick-Up truck

174,000 miles - New starter

New Transmission, Clutch and Clutch Assembly December of 05

Complete new rear break system and new rear break lines July 06


3) 1993 Pontiac Grand Am

New heater core - June 06


We would like to sell the Acura now. the Grand Am when Michael leaves in October and then the truck when I leave in December. If you know of anyone looking for a car, please e-mail me!!!


Lastly, we are going to have a HUGE moving sale the first of October. We plan on selling most everything (except Andrew's room). We will be working hard sorting and boxing. Keep us in mind if you are looking for anything.


Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement. As exciting as this is, it is the hardest thing we've had to do. Please keep these items in mind and lift us up.


His Peace and Love to all!


Michael, Tricia and Andrew

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How exciting! What an adventure. Geocaching will be a great way for you to meet new people and explore the island.


Make sure if you plan a trip back home its during Fall Picnic. We will all miss you. Please keep in touch.

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This is a great move and I can't even imagine all of the really cool caches you'll have there!

I really enjoyed meeting you the past few Events, and I'm sure you'll find awesome friends there.

Send pictures from your FTF Big Island Cache!!!

Take Care My Friend.


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Hello there Tricia! I am here just to leave you a note and wish you all the best! How wonderful that you are getting to move to where you wanted! Man, how many cool caches you are going to find??? I am jealous!!


I just wish I had met you before the picnic!




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Thanks guys! I really appreciate all of your encouragement! We are excited, scared, thrilled and overwhelmed all at the same time!


I will be sure to keep in touch! Take a look at the caches around 96740 (my new zip code)...


PS...Anabel! There is only ONE snake in HAWAII! :blink:)

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Best of luck! Be sure and post the date of the sale! Strohem

Hmph. Next time we look her posts will be from "Ringbone."


;) (maybe not so many will understand that Torry)


I was fortunate enough to be stationed in Hawaii for 3 years while I was in the USAF. You guys are in for a great time. Nice knowing you here and best of luck!!

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Hi ATMS...


Best of luck with your move. I hope you and your family got through the earthquake unscathed. I thought about you guys when I heard the news.


Have fun caching in Hawaii -- I'm sure the views there are only slightly better than Central Indiana :(



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It is with mixed emotions that I need to tell you guys that at the 12th hour the move is off. Andrew and I were down to 2 1/2 weeks till fly day and things changed with Michael's position that we weren't comfortable with and decided to have him transfer back to Indy. We are thankful that the position change came to light BEFORE Andrew and I went there and before the house was sold. Michael will be flying back this week and will begin working next week - back to his old position. Unfortunatley, we have sold most everything and the puppies are at their new home. Unfortunatley I had already given notice at my work, so I am in the process of training my replacement and looking for a new job. So if you know of anyone looking for a really good receptionist/office manager that has a slight hobby addiction - let me know! Oh, and we are unable to find the GPSr - hopefully it is on it's way back this weekend in a shipment because he can't find it in Hawaii!!!


I look forward to being on the trails again (once I get everything unpacked that I was ready to ship!) and I'm so sorry I missed the Secret Santa that was going on! What fun!!!! Hopefully my life will settle back down soon and I can join everyone again! I've got lots of caches to catch up on out there!!!


Thanks to everyone for everything!


See you on the trails!!!!




PS...yes, we were there for the big earthquake on the 15th!! WHEW!

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