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Aloha Hawaii Geocachers!


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First buy this book: "So You Want to Live in Hawaii" (it's available on Amazon if you can't find it locally). It has lots of good advice and explains much about how things work here, it is different.


We moved to Oahu from Atlana, Ga a little over 2 years ago and are pretty well settled now, but it will take a bit of time to get adjusted. Even if visited often, otherwise there will be culture shock. (On Oahu regular gas is still $3.20/gallon).


Since you are moving to the Big Island you'll be about 180 miles south of our home coordinates. There are not too many active cachers on the Big Island right now. But there are lots of great places for caches so you can place them for us to come find on our visits. :laughing:


Not many Hawaii cachers hang out on the national forums, our local forum is here: GPS Talk. Most of the active posters live on Oahu, but check it out.

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Thanks for the information! We are so excited! I will definately take a look for that book right away! $3.20 a gallon! We are finally down to $2.14 here! DOH! :o)


I would love to keep in touch! We appreciate any ideas that you have for us! Please feel free to e-mail me directly!!! Our son is 13, so we are very anxious how he will take the move!


I'll jump out to the the link you suggested and tell everyone hi! We did notice the lack of caches on the Big Island...I'll help take care of that!





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