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The Coveted TallShip Geocoin


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Me too. I paid for one from him, and then one from Landsharkz about 3 days later. The landsharkz order has been in my hands for a week or so.


but, im sure he has a LOT of these to do, so its probably not an overnight thing.

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OK I admit, I'm new at this. So I got my coin

where can I find the activation code for this one?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :yikes:

There should be a sticker on it telling you the activation code is at Landsharkz Coin Activation Code Retrieval Page. Make sure and click 'press to enter' after entering your coin tracking number, then enter your e-mail address and click 'done'. The code will be mailed to you.

Happy Cachin'!

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Thank you, Landsharkz!

But this doesn't seem to work for me.

My coin is not in your db.

I got the coin from Mr. Quigs himself.

Does that matter?

Hi nooks,

It doesn't matter a hill of beans who you got it from, they are all in our db :huh: . Send us the tracking number and we'll send you the activation code later today (gotta go caching now :yikes: ).

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