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GPS and Treo 600

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Hey I was just wondering if any of you know of any GPS equipment that plugs into the treo 600 that doesnt require another power source so you can walk with it.


Not sure about a treo 600, but for my vacation to Minnesota, I took along Delorme's Earthmate Bluetooth GPSr that worked ok, but the mapping software can only measure in deg,min and sec as opposed to deg, min.min. I had downloaded a couple other programs from http://www.mytreo.net that are designed to test the GPS and displays coords in the correct format, but if you read some of my log entries from that trip, you'll see I had some issues. (added with edit:)BTW: This was with a Treo 650.


FYI - the GPS fit nicely in my camera bag (open for clear view to sky) so I just looked like a tourist staring at my phone to other muggles around.


Again, not sure aobut a treo 600, but it's always nice to know there are happy treo owners out there.

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I don't have a Treo either, but I believe it may use the same OS as my Palm T|X. I use a GlobalSat Bluetooth GPS receiver to connect to my T|X that is running CacheMate and Street Atlas Handheld. With the Bluetooth receiver, there are obviously no cables to plug into the Treo and it is advertised to last 17 hours on its rechargeable battery (I know that I've used mine pretty much all day without recharging). I have also been able to get a satellite lock with the thing sitting on the kitchen table with the nearest window being almost 15 feet away. While driving, it stays on my belt with the Palm in a suction cup mount in the corner the windshield ... works great.

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