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Around the World in 80 Caches Geocoin Game

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I tried to pay for 2 sets However, paypal website is down right now. This is what it said:


The PayPal website is currently unavailable. We are actively working to restore access to the site as soon as possible.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please check the PayPal Systems Board for possible updates.



I will try again tonight. Please note I an buying 2 sets not one set. Thanks so much and really looking forward to my first race! :D


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Now Taking Orders

Either email me or post in this thread.


Size: about 1.5"

Metal Color: Gold

Cost: $24.00 for 4 coins --- plus shipping

Location: Anywhere around the world

Availability: Coin will be sold in four coin set 'race packs'

What's in a Race Pack?:

(1) Participants would get 2 'Race' coins (a racer and a spare with a duplicate tracking number)

(2) Exclusive Race Variant

(3) A Winner Circle coin

(4) Two traveler tags

(5) Balloon Pin

(6) 80 Feats Sheet, Rules Sheet





There will be 80 feats (or goals) broken down into 8 categories: mileage, general locations, activity, caches, the coin, hollywood, unique locations, delivery

Monthly Bonus Feats: Each month there will be bonus feats listed for 5 points

Other stuff: A race traveller tag will accompany each coin (the design has a hole in it for attaching) and an authentic guidelines sheet. The game will be self-motivated so cachers are responsible for keeping score of their own coins. Multiple entries allowed.

Duration: Official Race will last 380 days. And start on a specified date.

The Balloon Racer Coins will be trackable and include an icon.



Please make sure you get a paypal payment confirmation.







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Sent payment for 2 sets. Thank you so much for all the hard work going into this. Got a set for me and my mother in law that we have gotten hooked into this sport. Do you have an estimated ship date or is it to early to tell.


Thanks Hipper


Hoping to ship late October, I am fussing over the traveler tags and balloon pins that will accompany the coins, when all that is set... off we go! :P


I still have some sets available. You can purchase a set and NOT play the game (personally, I am going to play) but anyhoo... :P

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A couple of people asked me what the singles incentive was... well:

Each time a geocacher moves your coin, write it down.

At the middle of each month, give me all the names of people who moved it

There will be a drawing for a couple of free balloon coins and some balloon pins

The winners will be notified and if they respond they are sent the 'moving' prize


YES, if you are in the race and move another person's racer coin, you can submit your own name to be entered

into the monthly drawing. (there will be restrictions on the rule sheets).


I don't have any more details available at this time.


:) Up, up and away! :)

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If you weren't keeping up with the thread, and sent a payment, but it hasn't been confirmed or didn't go thru that's because I sent you an invalid email by mistake.


For paypal invoices, the correct email is: avroair@sbcglobal.net


Payment sent.

I have just one doubt ( Maybe you have answered it already but i´m too lazy to go and look for it).

What is the Winers Circle Coin? Is it trackable?

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