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New Southern Ontario Geocoin Coming


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Hi Everybody.


We wanted to make sure you all heard it here first.


A few weeks ago we finalized the details of a new Southern Ontario Cachers geocoin. After the details had been finalized, we were all struck with the sad news of the passing of 1701eh.


We were all shocked, and saddened by the situation.


After the shock wore off, we contacted the company we were using to create the new coins to see if we could reconfigure the minting/selling to create a bit of a fundraiser for Tony's family. We are pleased to say that TheCachingPlace.com was very helpful in this manner, and agreed to donate $1.50 from each coin sold to the family!


Coins will go on sale on Thursday evening, we will post the website for the sale shortly.


These coins are being distributed by an American company (best pricing), but were designed by a native Southern Ontario cacher.


Here's a sneak peak at the design ...





500 will be minted in an Antique silver. The geese are 3D engraved, the crest is 2D and colour filled.




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Southern Ontario Cachers / Trackable with Icon


1.5" Antique Silver

GC trackable with Icon

500 Antique Silver coins available for purchase

50 Antique Copper LE (kept by Southern Ontario Cachers)

Price: $8.00


Southern Ontario Cachers - Canada Geese Coin




Preorder starts Thursday, September 7, 2006

World Time Converter

Eastern European DST 2:00 am

Central European DST 1:00 am

Greenwich Mean 12:00 midnight

USA Eastern DST 7:00 pm

USA Central DST 6:00 pm

USA Mountain DST 5:00 pm

USA Pacific DST 4:00 pm


Ships on September 28, 2006


The shipping cost is based on the actual weight and there is a $2.00 handling fee per order (not per coin).


On the evening of August 26th, after a geocaching event, Ontario lost one of its geocaching pioneers. Tony Dawe, better known as 1701eh, was an icon in the Southern Ontario geocaching community, and one of our best ambassadors. By all accounts, Tony was one of the friendliest people you could meet, the kind of fellow that many considered a true friend after only a brief encounter on the trails. He was the first in line to welcome newcomers to events, offer congratulations on milestones and give the encouragement that we have all needed at times with some of the puzzling caches that we have encountered. We will all miss his camaraderie, his sense of humour and his jovial nature. It was clear to all who knew him that his first priority was to have a great time in all that he did.


Although also seriously injured, Tony is survived by his wife Sue and their two children Allan and Rebecca. The Caching Place has arranged to donate $1.50 from every geocoin sold. These proceeds will go to Tony’s family during their time of sorrow.


Rest in peace 1701eh...

and Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.

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Sales of this coin are moving along steadily. More than 300 sold coming out of the first weekend is amazing, and the feedback from the caching community has been tremendous.


If you were looking to add a Canada Geese coin to your collection, and contribute to the fund for 1701eh's family, please do so soon before quantities sell out.


Thanks everybody for your support!


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