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Geodetic Service of Canada

Caluja Clan
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Does anyone know if there is a central database that list known locations of Geodetic disks in Canada. We were doing a cache recently that had these two type of disks. 1) Geodetic Service of Canada BM No. 18G, and 2) Water Survey of Canada 791.


I found the government site for the Geodetic Service of Canada, but haven't been able to locate a database.


Or are these things that the government places, but doesn't track?


Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Caluja Clan.

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I don't think it was so much a 'turn off to Benchmarks" as it is a "turn off to Waymarking"


Briefly, Benchmarks are now on Waymarking because they fall under 'containerless caching'. The Benchmarks on Geocaching.com are strictly the American Benchmarks.


Many people are interested in Benchmarks, and while we did at one time have the Locationless Cache for Canada, all Locationless caches worldwide were archived on Jan 1st, 2006 and forced to move to Waymarking if they wanted to continue to exist.


Short version... if you would like to participate in Canadian Benchmarks, you need to do it at waymaking.com which is hosted by the same people as geocaching.com but a separate site.


:angry: The Blue Quasar

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