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GCEdit Notepad for Win/PPC with GC features

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I just wanted to point you to a new tool of mine:GCEdit


It can be found at GCEdit


GCEdit - A Notepad specially handy for Geocaching from m.zielinski



-Autosave all 2 Minutes - no more selecting save, choosing a filename etc...

-Autoname saveed file from the first 15 Chars of the text


Geocaching special features

- you can select text/numbers etc and then choose one of the Geocaching Functions

The Result of the Function is written into the Text right behind the selection

- Eval Evaluates any equation containing +-*/^() and Numbers

- ROT13 - should be clear

- Roman - calculate roman Numer from Latin and vice versa

- A=1 - show the value of the charactwers using A=1 B=2 etc, also Sum and Product

- Vanity - show the value of the Characters on a Cellphone-Pad

- Reverse - Reverse the selected Text

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The Geocaching Notepad got extended...

It still works on any PocketPC and helps much when solving Multies and Mysteries.


Version History


04.06.2007 NEU: Morsecode crypt/decrypt

NEU: Clipboard Cut/Paste

NEU: Caesar_solve

NEU: Chemtalk


It can be downloaded at http://www.bestsharing.com/files/4bDbuB285...070604.zip.html


Hints for enhancements are welcome.

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