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Trade Items

James Lobb

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I have been caching for a short time, and have lots of caches on my hitlist. But i have noticed that the trade items are well......... Dissapointing. When i made my first cache GCY2Y0 "Freaky creek" in Sydney. i put some good stuff in there, like the FTF got a DVD of fun with dick and jane. the rest of the trade items are not expensive or anything. but there not Happy Meal toys or peices of junk. i think that the trades need to be a bit better thought out, and a little bit more thinking should go into the items you trade.


thats just my 2c :)


Do you put some thoughts into your trades, and how do you feel when your presented with a cache full of junky peices of plastic

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I rarely ever trade, maybe for a sig item. I'm much more likely to leave a few items to 'restock' the cache.


Since I've removed the quality of found trade items from my caching enjoyment equation, I'm a much happier cacher. C-t = E(9)


(Darn I can't get the Existential quantifier symbol to show.)

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