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Why are people anti-Jeep?

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It's not that I'm anti-Jeep, it's just that I'm pro-Samurai :P


But seriously, there are some people who view any motorized vehicle as 'the enemy', throw into the mix a vehicle that is not only designed to go off-road, but actually gets used that way on a regular basis,


Around here, groups/people get pretty(very) upset about people driving in rivers, wetlands, etc- Anti off road advocates use pictures such as this to support the claim all we do is "ruin the environment"

Snorkles are frowned upon too, since with your hood underwater, you're obviously "harming the environment"

Groups such as mrr browse the internet, looking for ammo to use against OHV users in MN.


We almost lost access to all public lands recently. We are fighting to keep our access, but it isnt easy.


As for the jeep TB, some MN cachers might be known as anti jeep. The first and second years contests- the circulation was bad, and was intenetionally derailed by many. They didnt participate this year.


I sense its the promotional aspect, or the anti advertising/commercial aspect.


I call 'em Buzz wreckers.....


Oh, and 88UpDigger.jpg


Ps- I know your not doing damage in the pic, but the point is- its still ammo for "them"


32s? :unsure::blink:B) umm, no fender trimming and running 37s B) now, back on topic :P (its all good, i love to mess with jeepers)


now, in that above pic of the samy he is on a road, the road goes through the river. we have lots of those kinds of crossings in the mountains. Normal stuff. Now, if you go off the trail and start making your own trials, thats bad. following a trail, you should be good. a lot of trails start off as logging roads also. and "ammo" for serria club Nazis is everywhere. Any offroading pic they have an issue with...


Good eye Paranoid56, the Sami is on 3N16, a forest service road in the Big Bear area. The Crossing is Lower Holcomb creek. The ironic thing is, this photo was taken on the only section of this entire road that is paved (in order to keep if from washing away during the wet season) It would serve the Anti-Off-Road types right to use this as an example of how we "Off Roaders" are destroying the envirement, only to find out the vehicle is actually "On-Road"

p.s. No fish were killed in the taking of the above photo.... :blink:

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Many people in sydney are anti 4WD, because apparently they serv no purpose. these nutters are trying to ban 4WD from citys. but i do feel left out because the jeep travle bugs are only in america. think on the plus side, a large company spporting and accepting geocaching. that is a great thing, even if there might be a bit of advertising involved.

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You can buy custom-made kits to convert your Landrover into an expedition vehicle/camper. This particualr vehicle isnt mine though - wish it was *sigh*. One of the many ultimate cacher's vehicle.


The frame you see on the top is designed to have things added to it. You just order the things you want and hook it on. I cant remember what the thing on the back was but it was hooked onto the frame after parking up.

I dont know if you can buy them for Jeeps but you can also purchase custom made tents to add onto the back so you can camp out of the back of it.

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I have owned 3, an 85 CJ7 that I bought new and drove for 10 years, a 91 Cherokee, and a 94 Grand Cherokee Limited. All were 4x4 and all spent time off road. I would have one now except my funds won't support it and I have to have a 3/4 ton diesel pickup to pull trailers with. Well, doesn't have to be a diesel but it sure does pull nice. And by the way, it is 4x4 and has seen limited offroad use, which I hope to improve upon in the near future. Also, if you look at my Avitar you will see my 6x6 Recreative Max IV...it floats so don't need no snorkel.

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In the short time I've been caching (and spending time on the forums) I've heard .... um, read .... a lot of angst about the contest (Why can't we participate, Can you believe those hoarders, half those JeepTB's will never make into a cache, I cant get this to work) and I think some people simply get fed up with the angst that always seems associated with the contest. Its the same complaints that would happen with any type of large scale contest but since Jeep is the only regular corporately sponsered contest it all gets heaped on them.


Personally Ive heard more 'anti' sentiment driven by the above angst angle but some people do rail against the corporate part. Personally I don't understand that at all since they are helping the hobby at absolutely no cost to us.

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