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Coin from Europe


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Hi there,


I'll be in the U.S. (Houston, Charleston & Atlanta) around 28th Sept. 'til 7th October.

If there is any wish to trade some unactivated coins from Europe, please contact me via my profile.

I'm looking for any coin that I actually don't have in my stats.


Here's my list of coins I can offer:


- Vogtland (Bronze, Silver, Black)

- Geocaching in Bavaria

- Math Puzzle Caches

- Not another Micro (Camo, Nickel)

- Haughton's Hunters

- Twin Peaks

- Kids Geocoin

- Signal January

- California Puppy (California Micro)

- Annual Geocaching Championship Germany (2006), Bronze

- Walpurgis-Event Geocoin

- Frozen Bone Geocoin

- Regions of Germany (Aachen)

- Regions of Germany (Hannover)

- Regions of Germany (Sachsen/Saxony)

- Scotland

- Psychochicken (Gold, Silver)

- Northpole

- Southpole

- Rhein/Nahe Geocoin (Gold, Silver)

- Elchrich Elch (Gold, Silver)

- Rokop (Gold, Silver)

- Endless Knot (Gold, Silver)

- Nacaya

- World Championship Geocoin

- World of Geocaching (Series 1)

- World of Geocaching (Series 2, silver)(LE)



Thorsten (TandT)

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