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It's amazing what you can get done!


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I got a lot of "honey-do's" finished when the fuel pump went out on my truck. Wifey was just tickled

to see me scrambling around the yard and organizing the garage. She said it was the first real work I

had done since gettin my little Explorist.


What does she think crawling over earthen dams, through brambles, across ravines and short cuts through weed lots is???? Huh???? WOMEN! "Can't live with them.............The End!" :unsure:

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The USB connector on my 60C has been getting progressively looser and looser. I knew I'd have to send it in to get it fixed, but I was dreading being without GPS. Used to be that if I just held a little pressure on it while downloading it would work OK. Then it got to the point I'd have to wiggle it a few times and cross my fingers to get it to work. Last week it took me over 10 minutes of swearing to get it to work. I finally gave up and went online and ordered a new 60CSx. As soon as it arrived, I called Garmin to get an RMA to send in the 60C. When I get it back, it's going in the For Sale forum.


Never did get anything else done, though :laughing:

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