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Category Requirements Changed...

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A few months ago, I went on a WMing spree in the city and posted about a dozen or so WMs to "Georgia Historic Markers." Not all of them were the state markers, but they all met the category requirements. Over a month later, someone made a fuss about one of them not being on a list of state markers, and suddenly that marker was declined. I sent an email to the group leader asking why, but never got a response. Instead, the category requirement had changed saying it had to be on a list on a website.


No biggie to me; it's his category. Now I have a mess of WMs that don't have a home. I'm sure this has been discussed a thousand times in one form or another, but I don't know what I should do with them. They run a wide range of subject, from local lawyers to Spanish-American War memorials to Masonic monuments. I guess I could submit a mess of categories for them. I could submit a "Miscellaneous Georgia Markers and Monuments" category, but I'm not sure if that would be the best idea.


Any clue what I should do category-wise?


I archived the WMs. If I get the categories straightened out, can someone let me know if there's a way to change the category without my having to redo all of them?


Thanks, all.



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as a longtime historical marker, i have thought about this for some time.....


my conclusion is that there be 'non-official' state marker categories as well....


the development of the 'official' marker category has taken time. some of these allow 'nonofficial' monuments, others do not.


categories (mainly older ones) are being updated to become more in line with the evolving site. as the site has progressed, aspect changes have altered how things are percieved. take for example the 'art car' category.


ther are less than 100 waymarkers who have more than 100 waymarks owned. as this number grows the number of categories will as well. restrictions in place have hampered the rapid creation of categories.


you can always do your part and create a category for your waymarks.

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TheConaways -


I've seen and wrote about other similar situations in which a group starts a category with a name and then describes that category with restrictions that make it a subset of that name. In this case, the category is called Georgia Historic Markers but only includes a subset of them - those that are on the Georgia Historical Markers site. This makes it difficult to make another name for the markers that are thereby excluded.


In this case there are 2 obvious possible names: Georgia Historic Markers and Georgia Historical Markers. There is already a category called Georgia Histoic Markers that they changed to require only marks on the www.cviog.uga.edu site. Therefore I suggest you start a new category called "Georgia Historical Markers". Too bad you can't trade names, but so be it; they chose to add the new restriction.


I see no good reason that the Georgia Historic(al) markers that are not on the www.cviog.uga.edu site cannot have a Waymarking category with a reasonable name. Go for it!

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I'm going to double-check on Florida now to make sure there's no such problem before I start preparing the historical marker waymarks I had planned. That's really problematic. :tired: I love that Waymarks can take you to places you wouldn't know about from other websites. That's really a shame about Georgia. Good luck making your own category. I hope that goes smoothly!


- HauntHunters

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