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Adopting Bike Dog Caches with Cache Event


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I'm looking at organizing a cache event in the Encinitas/Rancho Santa Fe area to adopt Bike Dog's Caches. While I never had the priviledge of meeting this cacher, I've had the joy of finding many of his caches. For those of you who don't know, Bike Dog aka Jerry "Bikedog" Gradisher lost his life in a motorcycle accident on January 12, 2006. His caching adventures took place mostly in the North County and desert regions of San Diego, California, and usually on a mountain bike or motorcycle. His love of life and of geocaching will be with us always. There is a memorial fund set up for his daughter.

Having found one of the 'Bike Dog Coins' in his memorial, I've been moved to help organize a cache event to help this cacher 'live on' through the caches he has provided us.

Am I crazy for proposing such an idea? I must reference a friend I did know 'Scotty' up in Mammoth. She was a former gondola operator (along with a former roommate of mine) who lost her life to ovarian cancer. Her long time boyfriend/life partner/husband decided she should 'live eternally' in cyberspace. This is my notion for a fellow cacher.

Please let me know if you think this is a good idea and/or what kind of date or lead time on a cache event might be a good idea. I've also had the thought of seeing if the actual 'host' of the event may be able to contribute a portion to the memorial fund.

Thx AJ

aka NoWhining

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