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Stories with police questioning you

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lol just got cornered a couple of hours ago. I found a cache earlier today and i was explaining the game to my cousin and went and showed him the cache later. And just as we were leaving two cops flew in and turned the spot lights on. (We were on a dead end road by a cemetery!) So we proffered our Id's and he asked us what we were doing, we mentioned geocaching and he let up. His fellow officer didnt know the game so he asked us to show him. After that we left and went to walmart and my cousin bought his new GPSr. ON TOP of all this, when I found the cache earlier, I stumbled onto a couple having sex, outside the car. Most unusual caching day i have ever had!!!

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I was parked along a dirt road less than a mile from a paved road and not that many miles from town. On one side of the road was a path leading to a large lake, on the other was a path along a river leading to waterfalls. When I got back to my car (parked at the given co-ords), there was a police car with the lights on next to it. The officer told me they ran the plates and could not figure out what a "nice car from Cary" would be doing by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. They dispatched a Cary Officer to go by my house thinking the car was stolen last night and I did not know about it yet.

I am glad that he cared enough to check, and had my car been stolen I would have gotten it back quickly. What I thought was strange was that when I came out of the woods and said the car was indeed mine, he never asked for my name or drivers licence. I guess local car thieves don't lie.

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I was out looking for a cache in an old local cemetary and had pulled over to the side of the road. I looked in my rear view and a state police truck was right behind me. We both got out and I said I would move off the road so he could get by.He said he was trying to find an address. I told him what I was doing and showed him my gpsr and told him if he needed help finding the address my gpsr and I would be glad to assist. He smiled and said he might take me up on my offer if he didn't find it soon. :(

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Looking for a cache in a small park like area in front of the grocery store I give tons of money too. This area has some fake deer statues, boulders, and is used quite often to just sit and eat lunch from a newby eatery. So, Im looking around, nothing found. I leave my 14 year old in the vehicle while I run in to get some milk. When I return, there is a police car and they are running my liscence. I know THIS, because as my son was waiting, the officer walked up and wrote down my plate numbers. Letters, rather, they are my last name. Son is FREAKING OUT.....I said theres nothing to be scared of, I walk up to the police car and say hey, can I help you? Ummm..no. I said well, are you running my plate numbers? Ummmmm, yes. I say, did ya find anything yet? No, leave me alone. This is official police business. That set the wrong way with me.

I ended up writing a letter to the local rag, asking what the officer found about me that was so threatening, and included my plate "numbers" and phone number. I got nada in reply.

I TOTALLY respect Police Authority, but this youngster was quite rude to me and made me feel like I had done somthing criminal. I didnt even get an opportunity to explain what I was doing.

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Just had my second encounter. Entered a small park with the gate closed. Only restrictions it had was time of day, so I just figured they didn't want cars in. So my friend and I rolled under the fence and walked around the pond and into the woods and grabbed the cache. Got back around the pond and 2 officers were waiting for us. Turns out they close the park when a thin ice danger is possible (there was no ice and the days were in the mid to upper 50's with lows around 25-30). It wasn't marked. Fortunately one of the officers had heard of caching, but didn't really know the details. I explained more to them while they ran our ID's. Let us off with a warning.


Guess the park is co-owned by the city and the state prison system. If one of the prison patrols had caught us we might have been detained quite awhile instead of 10 minutes.

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Then there are stories like this post from a compus hide of mine.


"I pulled in the area and 2 of USC's good looking police were parked there. as soon as i got out and started to run my numbers they came over and said, "its over there" they found out about when someone was looking in the area one time."


Now how is that for campus security? ;) The grounds keepers are in on it also and have been known to dry it out and/or read the logs.

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We had two encounters with police in the same night at Penn State. A new cache was posted and as soon as I got the gmail notification, I was on my way to pick up my caching partner and score the FTF around midnight. So we get there and have to park across the street (somewhat illegally, not that big of a deal but enough to make me keep my eyes open for police). So we are searching, hoping to be FTF, when someone on a bike comes right towards us. We had found the cache but couldn't get the log out. The person on the bike shines the light right in my eyes and asks what I'm doing. Since I assume that anyone near here must be another geocacher, I ask the lady to take the light out of my eyes. She says she can't because its what they are trained to do. "Oh, crap" I thought as I realized it was a bike cop. I tried to explain, she didn't seem to care once she determined we weren't getting high (cause thats all that normal college kids do at night?) Then, when rehiding the cache, another bike rider came our way. Turns out to be another bike cop. We looked really suspicious, coming out from inside a pine tree as he approached. Luckily we played it cool and he believed us about caching.

Moral of the story: if you want to do drugs, take a GPSr with you and say you are geocaching. Oh wait, no. Tell the truth, thats what I meant.


The other police encounter was when driving to State College. I got pulled over by an unmarked car. He said I was doing 68 in a 45. I didn't think there was any way I was going that fast and that he probably tagged the guy in the lane over (whom he also pulled over). After realizing I went to PSU, he let me off with a lower speed violation. It wasn't till I got home and looked at my track data on the computer...turns out I was going 69mph...you might want to have your radar recalibrated. Oh well, I deserved that ticket. Maybe I should have said I was trying to be FTF and see where it got me.

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The first night I was ever out caching, I had the fun of explaining geocaching to the cops

Here is the link:

Florence Y'All

From the Log:

Me and my friend Mikey found this one. It was interesting. There was no camera in it. It was about 11:15pm at night that we found it. I should have known not to be in a florence park at night. While we were sitting there reading the log book, there was a flashlight comeing towards us, I turned mine off and then I heard someone saying whose in there, I asked who it was and it happened to be the police. He could not get to us just about 10ft from us and I had to explain geocaching to him, he was dumbfounded and didn't understand, he said confusingly "what you take stuff out and put stuff back in?" But he believed me cuz' I showed him the container and my GPS. I told him about the web site and he said he would take my word on it. I think he was more confused that anything. He left and let us finish.


Another time:

You've Got Mail

From the Log:

This is a long story.

I admit I missed this one 2 times. The first time was about a month ago. There was some guy hangin out on the corner walking up and down the street so, after a little while we left without finding.

The second time was the day before I found. I was by myself I had got there about 4:30pm. There was some guy passed out on the steps by there. I was feeling up inanimate objects when I turned and looked and seen a cop sitting at the red light, I quickly tried to look normal. It only took him about 3 mins to go around the block and come back. He got out and asked me what I was doing and if I knew the guy that was passed out. I told him about geocaching, he thought it was neat. He asked me what it should be and told me it should be easy. I told him I already looked there. While he was getting the guy up he kept asking me why I wasn't looking, I told him that I didn't want others to see me.

His cop buddy pulled up and ask me what I was doing and I explained about geocaching, he also ask me if I had a life and had a job. After that I was not in the mood for looking and I left.

The third time was the next night (which was when I found). I was alone again. I was having such a good day without missing any I thought I would try this one again. I just couldn't give up. I got there and felt every thing up again and looked all around. After 45mins I was getting frustrated and looking depressed. I was sitting on the steps. There was an older couple on the other side of the street that just walked up, the lady walked over and asked me if I needed a place to stay tonight, she said if I needed I could stay with them. I told her I was fine I had a place to stay. (I guess she thought that cuz' I was depressed looking, LOL).

After that I was sick of hanging out here, I just started looking everywhere and then all of a sudden my suffering was over. Thanks for this memorable hunt. Very clever!

From Northern KY!



Another time I was wanting to be FTF on this cache and it was about 11;30pm at night. I was in the parking lot and new that it was a ways into the trail. I was on the phone and a cop pulled up. I explained to him what I was doing and he wanted to check my ashtray in my car, I opened it and showed him the receipts and my fishing licences. Then finally he went on his way. I did go back the next day and I got the FTF on it.

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I hope a cacher local to me will forgive me for grabbing his cache. I found it on the ground under where it should have been hidden. I picked it up because I was just going to replace it and explain to my gf who I'm teaching the "how to find a cache" basics that replacing it was a good thing when I saw that one of the magnets had fallen off of it. I was not only after it to teach her my gpsr's find feature, but for a travel bug that was in it.


So I brought it home with me to inspect it because a muggle was watching me. This was an urban cache and a sweet hide. One of the travel bugs that was supposed to be in it is gone. The baggie holding the log smelled of weed so I replace it. I also replace the pencil. I write a log to let the owner know that I think it was muggled.


I dispose of a broken keychain (cito rules) and look in the bottom of the cache. There is a small bud, just enough for a couple of good hits if you have a pipe. I toss that into the "dirty" baggie and write in the log that I'm going to dispose of it.


There's a meet in two days. I'm bringing it with me to give back to the owner if he's going to be there.


Hey... at least its weed, not meth.

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I just want to hear some stories about where cops stop you and start asking questions? I was at one cache last night at 8:30 at night and it was just dark and right by a water pump, it was a micro and my girlfriend and I were looking with our flashlight I could just imagine what I cop would do if they saw us there.


Can I hear some of your stories?

I was out at the Yellow Water complex across from Cecil Field in Jacksonville Fl. This is a somewhat remote wooded area. As I was walking down a dirt road coming out at dusk,I saw a police car pull up behind my car and run the tag. A young kid gets out and asks what am I doing out here. I responded"looking for hookers". Wasn't expecting that answer! I have very little love for the police; but I did proceed to tell him what I was up to. He looked at me like yea right. I did show him my GPS and PDA, he seemed satisfied and moved on.

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Well being a law enforcement officer and depending on where I am, I usually just say say "Hi-insert name here, how's it going!" ha ha

But if I'm out somewhere that I can't do that , I simply tell the truth and tell them to stay safe. As for civillians who are approached, I recommend the same method. I know it's sometimes fun to make up stories to tell people but don't do it w/ a cop. It will just make them even more suspicious if they even think they are being lied to.

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Not so much a story about Law Enforcement, the UAE has primarily Private Security, and the police are less seen than in other countries I have been in.


Anyway, my wife and I were seeking The Beach near the Jebel Ali Hotel and Resort. As we were perusing the rocks the security guard who guards the border between the public beach and the hotel beach came up and asked "You are playing the game"? To which we responded yes, and if he knew where it was.


In a sly way he said "No, but maybe it is somewhere here" pointing in the general direction of some rocks we had not gotten to yet.


Eventually we found it and passed on some of our geocache kit to him as a thank you. I look forward to seeing the posts of future cachers to this one.




Lucky Stars

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Check this Log by a Portuguese Geocacher at this Cache.


Seem´s that the police (in this case it was the National Guard - GNR, they have the authority in rural areas) had some suspicious about a strange box and check it.

They wrote in the logbook, congratulate the cachers for the activity and even leave a calendar as a trade item, and then, place the cache at his hiding spot.


Here´s a pic of the log:


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I had a interesting one this past week. I was emailed the coordinates for a new cache by a geocacher. The cache had not been approved yet. It was located near an airport that I fly out of often. When I arrived, I found the geocache located across the road from a county maintenance yard. There was quite abit of activity going on. I followed my GPS to the cache, which was located in a small tree row and find it. Hmm..interesting container...camo-painted PVC pipe with a screwlid. I open it..no pencil..trip back to the truck..get one..log..leave pencil for next cacher..replace back in hiding spot and cover with a few sticks and leaves.


Mid afternoon, I get an email from a local geocacher that works at one of the television stations. Did I know that the bomb squad had blown up a geocache? He wondered if it was one of mine. I call him for more information.


An hour or so later I get a call on my cellphone. It is an ATF Agent. He is at my front door. I hadn't heard the doorbell ring as I was downstairs and busy. I go up and answer the door and he flashes his badge. I invite him in. He tells me about the incident and how the maintenance men had seen my truck and me walking and wondered what I was doing, One of them went over to check after I had left and found a suspicious container and called it in. He told me how they had had to close the airport, how he had blown the container up, had pieced together pieces and found my log in what was left of the logbok. He said that it had a bullethole in it. My geoname had lead him to the airport where he got my name, address, etc. He said that he was looking for someone to pay the bill! He had his notepad along with information that he had collected and printouts from my personal website as well as some geocaching ones. I explained that it wasn't my container but that I had gone to check it out. He calmed down and we talked about geocaching. I showed him the geocaching website and discussed the the kinds of people that play the sport. He was really surprised to see how many geocaches were in the area. He expresses that he felt that the containers should be well marked and that there should be a way to check on them. I did show him that they are all listed with their coordinates.


Later, we went together to see and pick up the two geocaches that I had at the airport. They were well marked and he looked at the items inside. He even seemed interested. He felt that they should be removed for security reasons. I really hated to see them go as they were special to me and had had alot of visitors, but I could understand his concern.


I put him in contact with the geocacher that had placed the container. They talked. The Agent expressed his concerns with placing a container that looked like a pipebomb close to an airport. I was so glad that the outcome of this turned out okay. The experience was a lesson to all three of us. I think that we all learned from it. Geocachers must be very concerned with how and where they place their containers...and one local agent is aware of our sport.

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My husband and I have recently taken up geocaching as a hobby. Almost our whole family is involved with geocaching.


One day, around the first of the year, while out geocaching we were searching intently for the cache in a flower bed in front of our local Auto Zone store. We were very focused on what we were doing and not aware of any activity around us. Suddenly a load voice says, "What are ya' lookin' for?" We both looked up to find that the inquirer was a police officer. We explained that we were geocaching and briefly outlined the game for him, showed him the GPS, etc. Fortunately, he had heard of the game. He heartily laughed and told us that of the million or so answers we could have offered, that was the last answer he ever expected to hear. He told us he had been watching us from the parking lot across the street and thought maybe we were searching for drugs that had been thrown from a car window or something. We laughed and explained that we would not be doing that with a GPS.


That has been kind of a little joke amongst the geocachers in our family. Our big run in with the law.


Well....................today we were out caching. We headed down a dead-end, somewhat remote street. On our way to the end of the street we passed a pickup truck with a Northbend, Washington logo on the side. That really struck us as strange because Northbend is sixty or so miles from here. It was parked behind a small compact car that was trashed, broken windows, dents, etc. There were a couple of guys messing with the small car. We thought maybe it was a stolen car that had been abandoned there. We still puzzled for a minute or two over the truck from Northbend, but then continued on to find our cache. After about a ten minute search, I found the cache. I turned to tell Don I had found it, glanced up the street to see flashing lights. There were two sheriff cars blocking the road. (I did mention that this is a dead-end road, right???) So Don & I, along with Britt, (our dog), got back in the truck, turned around and headed up the road toward the sheriff just as sheriff cars #3 & #4 show up. We stopped several yards back from all the police activity. They had surrounded the two guys and were clearly questioning them.


A resident of that street approached us and asked what we were doing there at the end of their road. Once again, we explained our whole geocaching thing. He turned out to be very nice. He explained that because they have so much garbage dumping and so many abandoned, stolen cars left at the end of their road, he checks out every unfamiliar car that goes down the road.


At that point a sheriff approached our truck and asked what we were doing there. He also asked if we knew the two guys they were questioning. We laughed and said no we did not know them and told him why we were there and what we were doing. He heartily laughed and said he had heard about geocaching. Here's the funny part.......it was the same sheriff that had talked to us in front of Auto Zone. Is that a trip or what?


He apologized for holding us up and warned us that we might be stuck there for awhile. (Once again, that dead-end thing.) We sat there for another 20 minutes watching these two obvious car thieves trying to explain their way out of their situation. Finally they rearranged the police cars so we could pass and waved us through.


As we drove out, the resident and the sheriff both waved.


Happy caching.

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I only have been stopped once. I was looking at a vandilized monument (about a telegraph message sent 100 yearas ago) near a cache. The police office pulled up at the same time I was wondering around. seeing my out of state plates, he explained the monument to me. I aksed him if it was OK for me to be in the area. He said sure, you should go down the old rail bed and look at the interesting things down there. I followed his directions and I found myself at GZ. Although he is not a geocacher, he should take up the hobby.

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Check this Log by a Portuguese Geocacher at this Cache.


Seem´s that the police (in this case it was the National Guard - GNR, they have the authority in rural areas) had some suspicious about a strange box and check it.

They wrote in the logbook, congratulate the cachers for the activity and even leave a calendar as a trade item, and then, place the cache at his hiding spot.


Here´s a pic of the log:




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