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Very sad news

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Here are a couple of nice photos of BT


As part of Team Tongue (Billy Twigger, Pooter, Highland Nick and Firth of Forth) at the 3rd annual Scottish Cache Bash on the far North coast at Talmine. It was a very wet soggy, but highly enjoyable day. Here he (and Nick) are pointng out a geological feature.



And later at the pub:


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A bit more of an update:


In the last few days Ewan has started to breath by himself for some of the time and his kidneys have also started to work again. They are hoping that he may be able to transfer from ICU to a spinal injuries unit soon.


His family are visiting him 2 or 3 times a day and this must be taking its toll. His wife knows that a lot of people are thinking about them and she wanted me to let you know how Ewan is getting on.

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Very sad and tragic news indeed.


Like many I have never met Ewan but am well aware of his excellent Bute caches and have seen his name in the log book of caches the length and breadth of the country many times.


The improvement in his condition is very encouraging and I pray for a full recovery.

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The latest news about Ewan's progress from his wife:


Ewan has improved quite a bit since the last report. He's breathing on his own more and more each day and his renal function is also improving. There is hope that he will transfer to a spinal injuries unit, which can provide very good care and rehabilitation.

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Is anyone planning a fundraiser to help with expenses? I would like to contribute.


Thanks to all who emailed about this. I was not paying attention. In the US, when someone gets hurt, their friends and family must swing into fundraising mode because even if they have bought insurance, many things are not covered. So I am happy the BT is free to concentrate on recovery, as difficult as it will be. This will be a full time job for the whole family, and not one they applied for!

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Thanks for the update. Busy times have kept me away from caching as much as I would like, and only dip into the forum about once a week.


When I saw that this thread had worked it's way to the top I opened it with some trepidation. But the news does seem more positive than negative - thank goodness.


All I can do is offer my best wishes and keep this thread alive to ensure that the people that count know we are still thinking of him.


Hopefully another piece of positive news will bring the thread to the top again.

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I can't believe I missed this thread. As awfull as it started out it is good to hear that Ewan is making progress. I just hope that he continues to improve and is back in the game in the near future. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and all of his familly and close friends.


Keep on fighting.



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I've never met Billy but as we share a common pasttime I've been following his progress and wish him and his family well.




Any chance of a new thread, like "Billy's Road to Recovery" - everytime I see "Very sad news" bubble to the top I view the new post with dread....

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