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Very sad news

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A lot of you know, or know of, Billy Twigger, the Isle of Bute cache-setter extraordinaire.


I have just learned that Ewan fell from a cliff on Bute yesterday whilst putting a new cache out. He was rescued by helicopter, but has broken his neck and suffered brain damage. The prognosis is not good.

His wife wants the Geocaching community to know the news, as caching was such a large part of his life.


I'm completely devastated, as I'm sure everyone else will be.

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Lets live in hope that Ewan recovers as fully as possible.


A word on hope here, my brother fell a considerable distance, in the alps and broke his back and had a serious head injury; he is alive and still mountaineers, and holds down a good job. So lets not think the worst, lets all be there for Ewan who as The Golem says is a cool guy.

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I've never met him, but I've read his posts and his logs and almost feel that I know him. He's written some truly marvellous logs, and has an obvious passion for placing and finding caches.


I'm really sorry to hear about his accident, and I can only say as others already have that I hope it proves not to be as bad as it looks at this stage. Here's hoping that you make a full recovery, Ewan - my thoughts are with you and your wife.

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What terrible news. I don't think I've met Ewan but I've heard of him through his caches and wish him a speedy and full recovery. I'm also thinking of his family and friends who must be in a very dark place at the moment. In some ways I'm all the more upset that it happened while setting a cache. Much as I -and I'm sure Ewan- love the sport, it's tragic that someone should come to harm because of it. Here's hoping 'Billy Twigger' gets to hide and find many more. :lol:

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Please pass on my personal good wishes and I'm sure I'm safe in saying, those of everyone at Groundspeak too.


Please add mine to those of my colleague.


I also would like to record my sadness at the news and, as do others, hope the prognosis is positive and Billy Twigger will be able to give the three of us more work to do in the very near future.



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I was just admiring a beautiful photo on one of BTs cache pages (linked in another thread). I have never met the guy and I have never done any of his caches, but I would like to join in with the rest of our caching community and send my very best wishes that he makes a full and speedy recovery.


Like Paul, I think the news is probably more sad because Ewan was setting a cache when he had his accident. That level of injury seems a bit much for a trivial hunt for a lunchbox. However, hopefully this is offset by the fact that this rather pointless hobby has also provided a 'family' of cachers who will be thinking of him, wishing him all the best and even praying for him.

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This news causes me great personal distress.


Earlier this year, I enjoyed a brilliant day's caching in Scotland with Ewan, and we got on like a house on fire.


I can only hope that his condition improves, to any degree, and that some kind of recovery may be possible. There's little else that can usefully be said, as of now.



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BT and I both started caching in the Autumn of 2002. I was the first to his first four caches on Bute. He kept getting my first caches, the moment they came out. We shared a friendly numbers rivalry all the way up to 1000. Here's hoping that we get the chance to find a few more caches together.

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