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At this site there are listed Waymarking Games. I see that they are listed as subcategories. Can someone help me to know how to submit a new game for approval? It looks like I can start a new category but not a new subcategory.






You start a category, not a subcategory. If the category falls under the Games category it will get listed there. I know this may sound confusing but there is some talk about changing how things are classified to avoid this confusion.

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The terms category and subcategory are confusing and I believe will be changed in the next release of Waymarking. I'm not sure if the new names have been decided on. Basically there are 15 top-level categories or departments. These may change as the Waymarking.com team reorganizes the directory. Within each of the these top-level categories are user categories and sub-categories. User categories can contain waymarks. Sub-categories contain user categories and other sub-categories.


Users can propose new user categories by

  1. Forming a group and appointing officers in the group
  2. Creating a category description that the officers agree on
  3. Presenting the category for peer review
  4. Pass a final sanity check by Waymarking.com

Waymarking.com decides what top-level category or sub-category the user category goes in. But you can suggest the location in your category submission.


If you have an idea for a new Waymarking game, form a group and propose this as you would any other category.

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In a way, there's no such thing as a subcategory.


Instead, there is a lot of categories. In displaying the names of all these categories in a directory format, Groundspeak has made headings (like Waymarking Games and History/Culture) and subheadings (like Historic Markers). The names of the categories are shown in this directory system of headings and subheadings. Scouting is an example of a sub-sub-heading, there are 2 categories listed there. :)


A thing that is sometimes called a subcategory is when a category is designed in such a way that a variable in it, perhaps called "Type", effectively makes subcategories within that category. For example, there is a heading in the directory called "Signs". Under that heading could be a category called "Highway Signs". Within that category could be a variable called Type with choices of: highway signs on a post, highway signs hanging on a wire, and highways signs hanging from a pole. Therefore, "highway signs on a post" is effectively a subcategory of highways signs.


You might try to waymark a highway sign that's on a building. The managing group of the Highway Signs category might reject this waymark, saying that they aren't going to include highway signs on a building as another Type in their category. So, you propose a new category for highways signs mounted on a building called "Highways Signs on a Building". If your new category is successful, Groundspeak would probably list it under the heading "Signs". It would not be a subcategory. It would be a category.

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Last night I went to bed at 2 AM after taking the time at creating a category for the games group (or whatever it' called.) I went through the steps beginning at the Waymarking games site. Now I am ready for the peer review but it looks like the category is listed under the denied group (Space Science) that I tried to start last week.


I do not see the games group mentioned anywhere on the page where I see the following:



Space Science


[change logo] founder: Iowa Tom

date created: 8/22/2006

no. of members: 3

description/mission statement:

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX <-- Description of the Space Science group edited out by yours truly.


open enrollment: OFF


Category Status: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX <-- Name edited out by yours truly….category has successfully been reviewed by the group's officers.


Congratulations, your group has fulfilled the prerequisites for managing a category. To begin the category creation process, follow the steps below:


1. Create/Edit Your Category (this is checked)

2. Add Category Variables (recommended) (no check – I didn’t do this)

3. Call for Officer Vote on Category (this is checked + there's an X)

4. Call for Peer Review on Category (I’m afraid to click here till I know which group this is going into; or is the group even a consideration at this stage??)

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I just clicked on the name of my new category as listed on the page I mentioned above and I see this.


Present Directory Location:

Waymarking Games > XXXXXXXXXXXXXX <-- Name edited by me.


I'm going ahead with the peer review.


Thanks a bunch for everyone's help!



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I sure wish I could edit the HTML of the category I am about to submit. There are some little things that I did not catch. Does anyone know if my HTML in what is being submitted by me can be edited yet?


You will not be able to do edits after you have sent it to an Officers vote until after Peer review. Once it is done with Peer review you can do html edits etc.

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