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Sylvan Seekers Fairy Coin - Comin' Up!

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Sylvan Seekers Series 1 Coin soon to be Arriving!!!!!


25 antique silver coins

25 Gold Satin

100 Antique Gold

100 Antique Copper


1.75" x 3mm

3D front

2D back


Serial numbers



These coins turned out amazing! Hat's off to the gang at oakcoins for pulling this off. Nice and large and the text stands out very well. I'll begin to send invoices as soon as I calculate the final cost. Looks like its going to be arond 8.50 plus shipping. :unsure:







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I can't get an email through, so will post here then try again...


Could we please get one of each, plus an extra of the Antique Copper and the Antique Silver:


2x Antique Silver

1x Gold Satin

1x Antique Gold

2x Antique Copper


Would very much appreciate if the one set were all the same serial number please.


Many thanks

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I have to apologize - the first few invoices I sent out were incorrect. I'll be cancelling and any payments from the first and contacting those affected directly so this can be worked out. Also - international buyers, please include your shipping address so I can recalculate the shipping. :laughing:

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Just a reminder to anyone still sending emails in - please include your caching name with the email & payment on paypal. That makes things a lot easier! Thanks!


I am trying to respond to your email, but my messages are being blocked by your server (Verizon). It happens directly, and also through the Groundspeak system. Not sure what's up with that. Your question was what metals I wanted and what was my geocaching name.


I would like Antique Silver and Antique Copper.


I think this is the info you need to match it up with the Paypal invoice:


Real name is Daniel Clements

Paypal address is dan at clements dot on dot ca

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Okay - starting to send out the invoices. I had to revise the shipping though- its going to be 1.50 for up to 2 coins, .25 for each additional. That should cover these guys. :P


How do I get a couple of your coins? If you have any left, I'd like the antique silver and the antique gold.


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Just to let everyone know - I have placed another order for the satin golds since the demand for complete sets went through the roof - they will soon be available in a few weeks - hopefully before christmas!


Those interested in them please let me know! Same as before - contact me with your caching id, email, name and address + coin quantity - they will be limited and I will hold coins as I recieve the preorders. Was a bit of a mess first time around.



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So those who recieved the coins - what do you think?


Got mine today!!


The pics were good but they didn't do the coins justice at all!! VERY VERY NICE!!


Almost had to tear them away from a new girl at work. She loves faries and collects anything that has them on it. :):anicute:


MINE!!! MINE!!! :rolleyes:





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I received mine the other day and they are very nice. (Although I got an antique gold instead of antique copper, but still nice.)


But what is/are "Sylvan Seekers"? I think I was a little confused and I thought it was a geocaching team name.


Danoshimano -sorry about the mix up!! We can switch out if you'd like -


Sylvan Seekers is the name of a book I've been working on for awhile. The characters on the coins are from that story that I hope to get out eventually. LOL Funny thing is I didnt realize there was a sylvan seekers team until AFTER I got them minted. LOL

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