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I currently have access to two GPS units, a garmin GPS III+ and a Garmin GPS 12. When in GOTO mode the GPS III+ will switch from miles to feet when you get within 0.1 miles (528') of your destination, the GPS 12 however does not switch over, and you can not manually make the GPS 12 give you the distance in feet. My question is are ther any other units in production today that still do not show the distance in feet? If so, what are they. I am looking into purchasing a Garmin eTrex Legend and I do not want it if it will not show distances in feet.


Thanks for the Info.

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The 12 went into production before 2001, when Selective Availability meant that the GPS signals consumer units received were accurate only to +/- 100 feet or so. In that era, .01 mile accuracy was reasonable. AFAIK, everything Garmin has release since SA was turned off will tract in feet, yards, meters, kilimeters, miles or nautical miles. The Legend definitely does feet.

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