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Landsharkz Personal Geocoin


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We have another geocoin in production and this time it's OURS! The coins will ship in early September. We are minting 500 coins.


This coin is $9.50 Canadian and is trackable on geocaching.com. The colours shown are not the exact colours we are going with. The red and blue will both be deeper. If you haven't picked up a whitebear coin yet, this is a good time to grab one and combine the shipping. Our site's shipping rates start at a base of $4.00 plus 50 cents per coin.




From our site: "This is Landsharkz signature geocoin created in polished nickel, 3D/3D with multi-layered art showing through transparent paint. The front image is our signature icon with a bit of our caching history embedded in the art. The reverse is a Pearson 33' sailboat with a Canadian theme spinnaker being tracked by a pair of Dal's porpoises. This is a common event when boating on the west coast - the porpoises come to the side of the boat and play in the bow wake, darting under the sailboat and entertaining us until they depart as swiftly as they appeared. The hull and keel, as well as the porpoises are visible through the transparent paint with the dorsal fin of one porpoise visible above the surface of the water".


We hope you like it! We are taking pre-orders through our site: landsharkz coin

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had to put Alabama in as my state even though i dont live in the USA it wouldn't let me complete the order without having a state in there.


love the coin very cool wish i had ordered a personal stamp before i went to paypal as i didnt look around the site until after DOH!!!

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had to put Alabama in as my state even though i dont live in the USA it wouldn't let me complete the order without having a state in there.


love the coin very cool wish i had ordered a personal stamp before i went to paypal as i didnt look around the site until after DOH!!!

Hi Scaw,

Thank you very much for your order. We always match the address on the order through our site, to the address on the paypal receipt. (It's my old records management habits :P ). You can pick any province (or state) and we'll get them to you, no worries.

If you want to order a personal stamp we can send you a paypal invoice for the difference so the shipping doesn't get outlandish. We've done quite a few so far and they are turning out great. Perhaps it's time to add a gallery of custom stamps we've done to our site! :).

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:) Very nice design, I had to order. Thanks for putting these coins out there. :) Very cool. :) I totally forgot about the Canadian to US dollar exchange rate, so I got a kind of discount, for today anyway. :)

Thanks 57chevy! We sell in Canadian funds throughout out site. Your US dollar goes farther so please sit back and enjoy your 'discount' :P .

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Lovely coin! How much it costs to send to Portugal, Europe?


Any ideas on the icon?

Our shipping is the same for all, Portugal included.


We had a heck of a time coming up with a different base shipping rate depending on country, so for now we have a base rate of $4.00 plus 50 cents per coin. (Other items on the site have different 'per item' figures). We may change this in the future but for now it seems to be a win-some lose-some and in the end we're breaking even.

For Canadians, who are occasionally on the short end of this decision, we've implemented a surprise randomly chosen 'gift with purchase' (gwp) and if you're international the 'gwp' kicks in after a certain dollar figure.


Icon designs are in the works.

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I'll trade you a geobone for one.


Haha! I have been keeping one last geobone for you in order to allow Whitebear to torment you with his. As an old resident of Victoria I have to have this one. I ordered some too, but I want to "trade".

:o ... even today we checked your profile to see if you'd been to the island recently!


I don't know if we should bite... maybe it's a trick bone :o .


We'll think seriously about this offer and get back to you.... tick, tick, tick.


OK, we've thought about it long enough.... SEND US THE BONE!! :lol: Seriously LFD, we sincerely accept your very kind offer of a trade for your very last bone. That's mighty generous of you. WOW!!

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Ordered 2 of these awesome coins. Are there 2 different metals? The pics look like there are 2 versions.

Thanks and Happy caching!

There's one metal (polished nickel) only, it must be the camera angle or something. Glenn is going to fix that for us though... :lol: :lol:


Thanks for the clarification. Very happy to have ordered two of these. :lol:

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Ordered some of these coins, Love the unusual shape coins as well as silver finishes, The incorperation of theme, sail fin, trasparent areas all make for a great design. and your logo and caching area all are great, Well done,


And indeed will be photographing these coins, my pleasure, Glenn :lol:

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We heard from the mint last night that our coin will be arriving mid next week. We have all the envelopes ready to go, so once they are here, they'll be in the post the next day. Thank you to everyone for your patience... we didn't get an explanation from the mint, but this coin took a bit longer than expected for them to produce.


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