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Found My Own Cache


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I lost one of my caches. Here's the story:


I put out a brand new cache. It's in a downed tree high off the ground. It fell off of where it is supposed to be, into pricker bushes and thorns that are extremely dense. Some other cachers found it before I could, and they put it in a new hiding spot near the old one. I have not been able to find it now, 3 searches later. Other people are still finding it, though.


Once I find it, would it be acceptable to log a find on it, even though it's my cache?


Richard Milhaus Nixon- GCXQ34

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It is generally unacceptable to log your own find, no matter the circumstances (other than finding then adopting).


I had a similar cache when I first starting hiding caches. I originally logged it as a find because it had been moved over a half mile from where I hid it. After much debate in the forums, I felt I should change my find to a note just to keep a clear conscious. Hey, at least I sleep better at night now. :laughing:

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Why is it always brought up that I'm 13 years old? :laughing:


Probably an attempt to "call off the dogs" before the thread gets ugly. Perhaps you're bringing up topics that have been beat to death in the past. If that's the case, searching before posting will likely get you the answer you're looking for, without having to worry about the responses you may get if you post the same topic again.

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Why is it always brought up that I'm 13 years old? :)

Cuz we all where 13 at one time in our life and we already know what you are going to do before you even think about doing it.


thats why some one brings up that you are 13 all the time.


you really shouldn't log the find. most people don't think it's fair to log you're own hides. now go get some mentos and Diet Coke and drop 3-4 mentos in the Diet coke, to see what happens. :laughing:

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