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Fishing caches?


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It looks like many have already, but it still sounds like a good idea. On the home page of geocaching.com on the top left is a menu choice "Hide and seek a cache". You can search by keyword. I tried "fisherman" and got 100 returns. I looked at only 3 or 4 of them. It sounded like the caches had some fishing accessories in them such as hooks, sinker, etc. and/or were placed near fishing spots. I haven't actually found any so all I know what I read in the descriptions. Just because others have done a fishing theme doesn't mean you shouldn't. It sounds like a good idea.

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On April 1 there was an event cache in Bend, OR. Everyone was to bring an April Fool type cache.

I "won" a cache container made by Suzyfishn'. I decided to place it along the Little Deschutes River and name it "Was Suzy Fishin' Here?" (GCVPFZ) All of the finders so far have complained of mosquitoes (some with references to giving blood). Nice place but too many mosquitoes. :laughing:

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There are several in this area. Most are placed near rivers or lakes. They all start with a selection of fishing gear. One gave the FTFer a rod and reel! They are all very popular, as a lot of cachers started as outdoorsmen, and got into caching as another way to use thier GPSr


Go ahead and put it out. I'll come!

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I'm already in the process of trying to get one approved. I just wanted to know if there was anything that I could do to improve on what I got. I have coordinates to a boat that was left on the lake and a full sized tackle box stuffed full of goodies. I had a bit of a disagreement with a reviewer on the fillet knife in the cache and he won that arguement hands down and rightly so. I was a bit to angry when I wrote him an e-mail and I know its on the verge of being archived. I did notice however that when I typed in fisherman's in the keyword search about 62 caches. Most just say that it a cache with a small fishing kit. No mention of the sharp hooks in the cache. I'm trying to be open and honest with the reviewer and think maybe I went to much in depth about the contents of the cache. I even posted a rather large warning about sharp hooks and gave a list of my more family friendly caches in the area. The tackle box is a double drawer and fully stocked. Stringer, hooks, sinkers, plugs, underwater topo of the lake, updated fishing rules and regulations guide book, camera, glow in the dark squirt on liquid scent, ect... You get the point. It's well stocked. He felt that it might be dangerous if a child was to stumble on it by accident so I put on a combo lock as he requested and put the combination on the cache page. Recommended that people bring oars and life preservers and common scence.The tackle box is inside a bigger plastic box and it has 2 log books. A fishermans log and a geocachers log. The geocacher log book stays with the bigger box if anyone takes the tackle box fishing with them. I've made 2 trips to the lake to fix the cache and have done everything the reviewer has asked me to do so far and now I'm just waiting for his reply. Its been about 2 days so now I'm concerned. I've spent over $50 to get this cache going and its been a week since I placed the cache. Maybe I should have just posted. "This cache contains a small fishing kit, enjoy" Then maybe it'd be published already. I put a lot of time, money, thought and effort into making an above average cache and hopefully it will be going soon. The only 3 things this cache doesn't have is a rod and reel, beer and bait. Swizzle

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Since there was originally some controversy regarding the cache it may well be that the reviewer has submitted it to the other reviewers for discussion. In that case a week isn't an overly long time to wait. A politely worded inquiry to the reviewer via email might get you more info.

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Here's "Little Nibble" one of our latest caches.


It seems to be a hit, there's a "lure" cache near the coords with a note in it that says "Sorry, you missed, this is not the cache. You felt the tug on the line, you hauled back on your pole, but you didn't set the hook! Keep looking, ya gotta sign the log or no smiley for you!" :laughing:

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Nice scenery. I had a cache in a spot much like that one. Where the banks were lined with logs due to the heavy fishing traffic. No fishy pics yet I see. There should be plenty in the future though. Hope it continues to be a big hit for you. I had a FTF on mine so far and he couldn't find the trail so he bushwacked the .32 miles to the cache. All he had to do was walk 100 feet up the road. Its a really well defined trail that's packed down by 100's of people a year. I'm already working on a trout box for my next cache and a campers delight which will have a small fish kit in it. What do you have in your fishing cache? Swizzle

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Just last week I found a fishing-themed cache next to a lake. It's a nice idea, but this cache was a Tupperware container with several loose rusting hooks and lures, and some leader line that had wrapped several things into a tangled mass. :laughing: One considerate finder had included hooks that were still in their new package :P , so there was no danger of them unintentionally hooking something. I removed the rusting and tangled things (trying to recall the date of my last tetanus shot while doing so). Hopefully your tackle box will reduce the chance of a similar mess.

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I would hope that anyone who visits a fishing cache would realize the potential for rusty hooks. I would do the same as you did and remove the rusty tangled mess and do my best to fix the situation. Hooks are meant to get wet and will always rust it just takes a little effort to make it a better cache. Its always good to bring new hooks in a container as well as a fresh stringer and sinkers. My cache/tackle box is locked with a very bold warning about the sharp hooks. Hopefully this is enough to keep kids out of it. I really can't picture leaving hooks and fishing items loose in a box like that. That's just asking for trouble. If you plan on visiting the cache in the future then maybe you can take a few smaller containers that may help to keep it organized or ask the owner to replace the cache container with a tackle box in a larger waterproof container like I have. I'm probably going to have a few "survival type" fishing kits that will fit in a match safe. Then I'll label the case as a fishing kit to place in a larger campers cache. Swizzle

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