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"Outdoorsy" swag without breaking the bank

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Hi all ...


I'm about to release a new cache. The container is ready (one worthy of the "Cool Cache Containers" thread, IMHO) and I have a spot picked out for it.


It will be a cache requiring a significant hike to get to, and the terrain is relatively rugged. Probably a 3.5 terrain cache and a 3.5 to 4.0 difficulty due to the length of the hike and the container's built in camouflage. The container itself is large - a 50 caliber ammo can (I've alse seen them called 'double wides'). It will require at least a 1 hour hike to reach the cache. Probably not a small-kid friendly cache.


So, I'm hoping to fill this cache with swag to reflect 1) very few child visitors and 2) most of the visitors will be cachers who enjoy long hikes. No toys will fill this cache. I would instead like to fill the cache with useful items a geocacher, hiker, or outdoorsy person would like to find and use for geocaching, hiking, camping, etc.


However, I do not wish to break the bank. I have a budget of perhaps $20 to spend on swag for the cache, not including the FTF prize which I already have (an unactivated Travel Bug tag). Any thoughts on how I might be able to fill this cache while also stretching my money as far as it will go?


Some of my ideas include: carabiner clips, batteries, work gloves, rain ponchos, inexpensive flashlights, simple first aid kits, small ball point pens, cheap tool sets, insect repellent wipes.


Any other ideas? I look forward to your thoughts.


All the best!



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Check out your local dollar store. If you look carefully you can find some great items that will cost very little and be appreciated by the finders. A remote cache like the one you are talking about wont get many visitors and my experience has been that they trade up most of the time so it pays to stock the cache with nicer items.

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This is the time of year that our local chain stores (Wally's, Target', K-farts) put all the outdoors stuff on clearance. Last year I picked up liquid filled compasses for $1 each, mini-first aid kits $.25 each, and other assorted hiking stuff for next to nothing because they were making room for Christmas stuff.


Check the clearance rack and you can probably stock up on nice swag for cheap.



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