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Where would "The Bells of El Camino Real" fit?

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they are a type of historic marker - they mark the route of the el camino real (the kings highway) from san diego to sonoma. there's one per mile (mostly) and they are maintained by the california highway department.


I don't understand why there might be a new requirement that all categories be available worldwide. Isn't there some category for norweigian milk houses? And there's 'old world originals' where you waymark "york" as the original that "new york" is named for, and the category description flat out says you can only place waymarks in the "old world". I must have missed that fight, but I'm not down with that requirement.

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There is no Requirement that all new categories be world-wide. Unless I missed it too.


But I think the idea is that most categories should be international if possible.


Some categories of interest will only be available in certain areas, even within one country. The international aspect should be considered, but not as a definitive make-or-break item, IMHO.


Groundspeak seems to want this to be an international game (which is a good thing), and are requesting people create categories that reflect that.


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