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I'm not computer savvy so it takes me to the edge at times figureing things out. But I finally figured out how to install music on my palm pda card. It made a 3.5 mile walk to a couple caches yesterday even more enjoyable. At 56 years old, I chuckled to myself realizing the technology I was carrying. Cell phone, palm PDA, digital camera and of course my GPSr. Who would have ever thought. Just glad I'm still alive to have this much fun. And the fun started due to this site and forum. Many thanks to all of you who have been so much help. Now I just hope I'm posting in the correct forum :o

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embra, That's a great idea. haven't thought about that until you mentioned it, thanks! Klatch, you are correct. several times I droped the headphones to listen for the rattlesnakes. As long as my dog was in the lead I felt comfortable she would alert me. Matter of fact she let me know she had enough walking. I suppose it had nothing to due to the fact that that my tongue was draging along dirt and the rocks on the trail. There are trails I wouldn't consider listening to music but rather mother nature.

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So, is the Palm pda card the same thing as my 'palmOne 128MB Memory Expansion Card'?


If so, how can I get music on my Palm?? Just as I master one new technology (for my needs) something else comes up...


If it weren't for caching, I think my brain would be partially dead!

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Salpal, I installed Realone player first on my palm zire 31 then realplayer on my computer. I can drag and drop mp3 files right into the card and hotsync no problem. I can also copy CD'd into it useing realplayer on my computer. I have a Sandisk 128 mb card for now, but since this only holds a couple albums I'm upgradeing soon. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any problems and hopefully I can help, if not there are professionals here than can.

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