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Calling Cards in caches

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In some of the caches I have visited I come across laminated calling cards left by previous cachers. And I think these are a cool idea. I plan on making my own very soon.


So the question begs. Are they left for the cache owner or are they meant to be collected along the way.

My thinking is that they are meant go to the cache owner as a "thanks for the cache" kind of reward...


Your thoughts please.

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My opinion is that it's fair game to take, if you want. Some people leave actual cards, others leave token items (beads, stamps, buttons). I trade for those, personally.


As a cache owner I don't think anything is left there for me other than the log book itself and anything stuck inside it. Perhaps that's where the distinction lies. If it's a card inserted in the log book in lieu of a signature, then it's for the cache owner. If it's a signature item dropped in the swag bag, then it's fair game to take.

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They're no different than the Thrak buttons I drop into caches. If you want it take it. If you don't want it leave it. They aren't really a "trade" item though in that I don't think you need to trade anything for it. At least my buttons aren't something I would expect someone to trade for. I don't trade out anything when I leave a button and I doubt most folks trade out anything for their cards when they leave them in a cache.

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I leave weird little chainmail balls. Usually don't even take anything from the cache (I've gotta stock some of the ones up near me with good stuff :o). If someone wants a chainmail ball for some weird custom earrings, or christmas tree decorations, or cat-toy, or anything really... go nuts. Otherwise... yeah, I'll be trying to leave said chainmail ball AND some swag for the most part... once I have time (ie: this weekend) to get some good swag ;)

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I think calling cards and or business cards in a cache are just more clutter for a cache. I have no problem with signature items in a cache because they are items. Nor do I have a problem with the calling cards being attached to an item. It's the cards that have the "This cache found by team blah blah" that add nothing to the cache, those are not signature items to me.

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As the owner of 80+ active caches in a rural area, I don't need to see or get 50 copies of anybody's signature business card. So if other finders want them - feel free to take them. Otherwise I have taken to adding 1 or 2 to my collection and scrapping the rest when I visit my hides. Signature items are another story - I really like some of those and I see others trade for them as well.

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I like signature cards, and want to suggest a new style... a new game... yes you heard it here first... geocacher personalized playing cards!


Plastic to hold up in caches, wit your avatar, picture, witty statement, whatever, and the reverse is a standard playing card!


A true signature card.


Swap 'em, leave 'em in caches, collecta set of your favorite 52 geocachers!


Whadda ya think? WAY cheaper than geocoins... the manufacturors I have seen so far cost less then 50 cents a card.


Google "personalized playing cards" for info.



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I leave signature poker chips in caches. If I see someone else has left a signature item, I'll usually take that. I've yet to take a calling card. I suppose if I see one that's very well done, I might. I like the idea of of playing cards though

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