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Team NOVA was the name dicided onby the group of four PA cachers I used to belong to.


I would advise against the team account. Naturally one person will end up logging all the caches to the team account and Pocket Queries will not turn up all the caches you need to find individually. I am not sure what type of cachers you are but I can say from experience that it gets old logging everything twice. Especially if you like to go for numbers. Say you get 50 caches one day that is 100 logs to write. What if you take pictures. What account do you upload them to. If you hide caches who has to maintain them, ect.


It just gets complicated. That is why we all have individual accounts now. I logged the first 1000 caches twice. The team died at find 1K. That was just that.


Just a consideration or two. Now the name should be the easy part.

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My wife and I are so competitive that we want to have our own accounts and a team one as well I am haveing trouble coming up with a team name thought. What are you team names and how did you come up with them. Thanks


When caching in groups we sometimes use infomal team names, not to log online but to write one name in a cache, saving time and not filling up the log (Be aware that some cache owners insist on having every person personally sign the cache log). These are made up on the spur-of-the-moment and don't have an account.


When the individuals log online we'll include something like "Found with the Redneck Racers during The Amazing GeoRace" with the text of our log.


A group of us on a cache run out-of-state might use Team Bama for that run (because we were all from Alabama).


At other times we have a formal team name we use to sign up for events.


For our CacheLeague.com competition we were the BKCG - Butt-Kickin Cache Getters (a 10-person team competing against 10 other such teams world-wide).


For several competitive events we have used Redneck Racers (2-5 friends teaming for an event competition).


For our World Record Run attempt we used Hanseatic Cache Team (4 Germans, 4 Americans).


Again, none of these had a gc.com account, we signed the logs with the team name and each team member logged them on their own account.


Hope that spurs some team name thoughts for you!



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We (wife and myself) chose TEAM LALONDE not only because it's our last name, but because we never know which of our family members will be joining us. With kids, parents and grandparents who occasionally cache with us, the team name seemed to be a logical choice. Our son has since started his own account but he regularly cached with us in the beginning.

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