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As the p350 has built in GPS, I think you will need a bit more than just Cachemate. Take a look at Memory Map, GPSDash, OZI Explorer, Navio, Pathaway to name a few.


I have tried them all and Memory Map is the best for mapping & transferring data to/from a PC, although it is expensive. I have found GPSDash is the best for actually nailing down a cache because it updates the arrow every second, MM only updates every 3 secs.


If you get MM working properly with custom icons & linked into Cachemate, you will never need to take a map or paper printout again. :laughing:


You also need GSAK for your PC and need to be a premium member so you can get Pocket Queries.

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I'm new to Geocaching, too. I've had very good luck with VITO Technology's Navigator II software.




I tried a program called GPS Tuner (http://www.gpstuner.com), but found Navigator II to be much better.


I was recently pointed to a product called BeeLine GPS (http://www.visualgps.net/BeeLineGPS/). From the descriptions and what I have seen/used of it, it appears to do more of what I want it to do. I have not had a chance to use it on an actual cache hunt, but I hope to tomorrow.


As soon as I post this, run out to my car to get my wallet, I'm going to upgrade to a premium member and take advantage of the GPX files. That should help out a lot too. My goal is to be paperless.



I'll report back on my experiences with BeeLine.


Jerad from Indiana

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I have to agree that the combination of Memory-Map and CacheMate is outstanding. If the CacheNav plugin is also installed you have a complete navigation and cache finding kit. It's going to need an Otterbox or Aquapack to survive for long in the rain leaving battery life as the last obsticle.

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if none of that works you can use a deviding rod and a hamster. that's what people used before the GPSr back in the 70's. but you never saw the same numbers back then as you do now. it's a lot easyer with a GPSr. back in the day you was the king if you could get 3 in a day. most people got 1-2 a week. now it's all about the numbers and no hamsters.

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I use Mapopolis for voice and visual prompted road navigation as well as in the woods navigation. In the woods, the GPS page shows the current coordinates, distance to cache, compass rose, bearing arrow, altitude, etc. It runs $80-100. you can try it for free for 9 days. mapopolis.com


Add gpxtomaplet (free) and you can overlay all the cache icons over the Mapopolis street maps so you can see the caches as you drive arround and then autonavigate from cache to cache and get immedate info like cache name, miles from home, cache type, D/T, container type, etc just by tapping the icon on the Mapopolis map.


I also use GPXSONAR in the PPC for paperless caching.

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