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Cachers Other Hobbies


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Well we'll start with the combo hobbies: WE ALL watch Michigan football and some basketball!! GO BLUE!! We watch Pistons basketball, Detroit Lions, some Detroit Tigers, and golf whenever Tigger's playing. Oh and we all bowl (well except Ali Kat, but once she can walk I'm sure she will too) :(


Now the individual hobbies: Justin OF COURSE collects University of Michigan memorobilia, collects shot glasses, collects geocoins, hunts, and plays playstation. And is an event hog...hehe :rolleyes:


Heather collects sig items, plays softball, collects halloween decorations (scary ones), reads Stephen King and pretty much any good book series, watchs scary movies, collects wolves, and in the winter months I bake. And obviously surf the forums.


Emily collects anything Bratz, and Littlest Pet Shop, plays T-ball and soccer, girl scouts, collects Disney Movies and plays playstation.


Alexis cuts teeth, fills diapers and gets into stuff she shouldn't....but what else is there to do at 10 months? B)

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Payroller - I played with you guys at Dark Reign up at Sherwood Forest a couple years ago. - pic


Going to Disney, Wishing we were at Disney, Planning a trip to Disney, Dreaming about Disney.... you get the picture!
...You sound like my wife.


Ok, my 'other' hobbies...


I'm an avid reader and movie watcher. I also have my ham license (KB9SOM). My latest addiction, even more than paintball, is adventure racing. I work with computers and tinker at home with my own. Basketball, golf, hunting, hiking, fishing, camping. Oh heck, just put me down for "The Outdoors", that should sufficiently cover my hobby list.

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Camping, fishing, trapping..will be adding hunting soon.

Reading, stamping dollar bills and spending them.


<---- Most of all can't you read I am a Girl Scout Leader I spend my free time working on how to get the girls their badges, helping in Girl Scout events like Lock In's, Thinking Day, Summer Camps. This takes up most of my time so I thougth why not get my troop into Geocaching!


and last but not least I breed & raise Hedgehogs!

This is G.W.Pooples " So is this what she is doing when she is not cleaning my cage?"


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