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what knife/flashlights do you carry?


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Always have a Spyderco "Native" clipped in my jeans pocket; as well as a small Falkniven U2 slip-joint in my off side pocket. Usually have a Gerber "Fisherman" Multi Tool on my belt.


:laughing: Being a "knife person", I often have different blades on, or in, my day pack when hiking.


Also have a Surefire "G2 - Nitolon" hand light; and a Petzel head lamp in the pack, which is a Maxpedition "Pigmy Falcon".

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I typically use a 1 watt Luxeon LED flashlight that runs on 3 AA batteries, and provides very adequate light for most night caching. But I just got this Pelican 3 Watt Luxeon LED flashlight that puts out 56 lumens (about double that of the AA flashlight) and is great for the woods where more light with a longer throw is needed. As far as a knife, I carry a Leatherman since I find I need the pliers more often than the blade while caching.

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Just as an FYI, if you're looking to buy a flashlight, check out www.flashlightreviews.com. He has unbiased reviews of many popular flashlights, and includes specs like brightness and battery longetivity. Some of the info is interesting.. for example, a standard AA mini-maglight loses 50% of its brightness after only 45 minutes of use.


Reading over that sight is one of the reasons I decided to go with LED flashlights rather than incandescent.

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Leatherman Wave - full time, except at airports, & in planes. Prohibiting them is stupid, I'm not going to disassemble the a/c in flight.


Also carry an assisted opening Kershaw Ken Onion, full time, except at airports, & in planes.

That is not quite so Stupid as prohibiting Leathermen.


Surfire E2e with KL1 head, almost full time.


If I'm gonna be out in the dark, I carry more lights, dependent upon the circumstances.


Strongly recommend carrying a small, bright, light in daytime, for looking under stuff, to see who/what might be looking back at you.


Also, the small bright light helps you focus on things, in anything less than full sun. Check any "CSI" program on TV. They aren't sweeping the scene with white light for nothing, it is to help concentrate attention, and illuminate irregularities. Like copperheads, scorpions, and minicaches.

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Buck "Rush" for everyday use as a knife.



Both cars have INOVA XO3s and Peak Solutions Caribbean as backups. If I am going out for night caching or a night cache, I'll take an INOVA T4 with the Caribbean, since it puts out a bit more light, and is rechargeable. For tunnels or long night hikes, I'll also wear an Aurora headlamp.

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As far as knives, I carry a Buck Adrenaline in my pocket at all times and a Buck Juno in my bag as a backup. In addition to the knives my Kershaw Multi-tool is always close at hand, mostly for extracting caches in wierd places. For Flashlights I carry a Garrity LED Aluminum most of the time in a belt carrier and an Innovage 3-LED Headlamp in my bag for those night-time caches.

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well i dont want to creep out the locals but i carry 2 swiss blades mainly in case some guy decides to jump me but they r helpful for other things i also carry my led light. i carry plenty of things with me but not too much i dont want a whole interview with the cops like i had once im 14 and they thought i was illegally dumping now why would i be dumping somthing? :laughing:

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I also have a Kershaw. It's a Ken Onion Vapor, that I keep clipped to my pocket, so it's easy to get at.


In my bag is one of those 'shake' lights. Not too bright, but it don't have batteries to poop out on you.


In the Jeep, I always have a 3D Maglight, and if I think I might need it, I'll take it along.

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My daily carry knife is a Piranna Knife Company Switch Blade with a 3.5" blade.

It's similar to this (No serrations).



My caching flashlight is a Mini Mag that has been converted to LED.


My other flaslight is an Inova X3. What I'd like though is an LED Flashlight with about 80 lumens on high mode and about 10 on low mode. AA's are better than CR123's for feeding them, but CR123 is better than other exotic batteries they have. (This exists but I'm just not willing to part with moret than 100 dollars for it).

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I use a Petzel head torch but I no longer carry a knife. Here in Scotland we are not permitted to own handguns so the weapon of choice for settling fights is the knife. Since most of our murders are knife crimes, there are now limits on the size and type of knife we are permitted to carry. Being found in posession of even a legal knife can ruin your day while they check you out, so I stopped.

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I use a Petzel head torch but I no longer carry a knife. Here in Scotland we are not permitted to own handguns so the weapon of choice for settling fights is the knife. Since most of our murders are knife crimes, there are now limits on the size and type of knife we are permitted to carry. Being found in posession of even a legal knife can ruin your day while they check you out, so I stopped.

That is so sad. At the risk of getting smacked by a mod; what's next? Are they gonna ban sticks and stones?

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Swiss Army Knife - "Spartan"

Mini-Maglight 2AA

Gerber Infinity Ultra LED 1AA (I love this thing - got one for my wife to keep in her purse)


For longer hikes/backing I also carry a USAF survival knife (#499)

Smaller and lighter than the USMC or USArmy knives but still one piece and stronger than any folding knife. I know it's not gonna break if I have to build a shelter.

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Flashlight: Gerber LX 3.0 that i bought over a year ago which i carry everytime i go caching. Has a 3w Luxeon LED, runs on three AA batteries, and has a decent throw to boot! I have a couple of others (including a surefire stinger) that i like but this one is definitely my overall favorite. Oh, it's perfect for lighting up nigh cache reflective tacks too!


Knife: When i go way out into the woods i carry my Kershaw Blade Trader (standard, fillet, and saw blades). Very versatile and has held up very well over the 10+ years i've had it. For everyday caching, my little keychain knife and screwdriver doodad, (not even sure who makes it) works good. :o

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Daily carry - Gerber 450 EZ-Out knife, Gerber multi tool (I have used this thing nearly every day for 3 years, thank god for good multi-tools), Kershaw Ken Onion 1560ST knife.


The car always has a 3D maglight.


Cache bag - Petzel MYO XP headlamp (I gotta reccomend this lamp its a great lil light).


I USED to carry a mini-mag every day, but broke it and just havent picked up a new one yet.



The Laughing Gnomes

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The three things on the right are in my regular caching bag: a Leatherman Micra, mostly for the scissors and tweezers, an Eddie Bauer 6-LED flashlight (5 white and one red) that is pretty bright for its small size, and a Cutco pocket knife, which is great because it's just one blade and is very sharp and very easy to extract (if I want to get the blade out of the micra or a swiss army knife, I usually end up using my teeth, so this knife is much safer <_< ). The two little ones on the left are for when I'm traveling light, with just a small fanny pack: a very cool little "Utili-key" 6-in-one tool from thinkgeek.com, and a little tiny LED-flashlight keychain from walmart (not very bright, but better than nothing and weighs almost nothing too).



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I have night vision and I'm a black belt in various martial arts...I don't carry either.


So, I guess if you have to cut a rope you just bite it in half?





That's exactly what I thought when I saw the "I'm a black belt" comment... what on earth does knowing martial arts have to do with what those of us who DO carry knives etc. usually use them for? They're TOOLS, for UTILITY purposes, not self defense.

(Gotta wonder if the OP's "black belts" are the sort where you pays your money and you gets your belt in a contracted amount of time, regardless of whether or not you have the skills, or more importantly, the mental and emotional stability and humility that mean you **deserve** to be a black belt. Then again, my perspective is that of someone with a brown belt in a sport where you don't get to be black belt, no matter HOW good your physical skills are, if you don't have the right attitude.)


But I digress. Getting back to the subject of the thread:

I carry two Leatherman Micras (one pliers, one scissors) and a lightweight Buck knife with a 2.5" blade in my pockets at all times; I don't feel properly dressed if I don't have them. They come in handy every day, in all sorts of circumstances.

For flashlights, I have a small flat LED one on my keychain, and a 5" waterproof one (can't remember the maker of either) in my little caching-and-dayhiking pack.

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I just bought a V2 TRIPLEX that I'm quite impressed with. I would like to know if there is anything brighter then this as far as LEDs go. Where do you go to find a side by side comparison of different flashlights? I'd like to get the brightest possible LED flashlight possible for under $40. Oh and for a knife I carry a tiny antique double bladed pocket knife and for camping a 2ft long machette. Swizzle

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