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Closest cache ** NOT ** owned by you

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Closest cache not owned by us is 0.6 miles away.


Closest cache we haven't found - 1.7 miles (As yet, unsolved puzzle cache)


If you don't count the puzzle cache and the cache that requires climbing gear (2.9 miles), then the next closest unfound cache is 6.9 miles away.

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well closest cache would be a mile acyually there r 3 a mile from my house that rnt mine since the people who own them live no where near them i somtimes maintain them for the cachers although caches near me tend to get stolen so i place new ones of my own i like to hide caches in spots where i can just watch cachers its kinda funny to see some of them

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I'm going by the distance that the site says the cache is from my house, so I don't know if it is 100% accurate or not....

There used to be one 0.6 miles from my house-- it was the first cache I ever found and I didn't really use my GPS to find it because I had a junky GPS at the time and it couldn't get the coordinates straight... However that cache has since been archived.

Now, the closest one is 1 mile away. The next-closest is 2 miles away. Both were placed this July and I haven't gone looking for them yet.

The closest cache I've found was 2.7 miles away, sadly I just found out it was apparently muggled and archived.

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it's a mistery cache. published coordinates are 770m away but the real coordinates are 200m away.


needless to say, cache was published around 8PM, I was there (drove from work) 20 minutes later, parked, talked to the guard who didn't let me in because it was closing minutes later. it closed at 9PM. FTFd it at 8 AM (I confess I didn't have much sleep that night dreaming about someone climbing the fence and stealing the FTF from me)

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The funny thing is, I've walked within 20 feet of this cache at least a 100 times


The Viridian Queen

by Parsa and Yrium [profile]


N 33° 08.988 W 117° 01.449

UTM: 11S E 497747 N 3667894

N 0.1mi from your home coordinates.

or convert to NAD27 at Jeeep.com

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Closest, not owned by me - W 1.6mi

Closest, not found - SE 2.5mi (those are the posted coords for a puzzle cache, the actual cache is approx 5mi away)


The other next closest not found is SW 2.8mi but is a 3/3, so my guess is that I shouldn't take the kids if I'm hunting this one by myself :laughing:

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To take this further. How close is a chache that is not owned by you?


My closest not owned is 417 meters and I did have a FTF at 6:30 AM :laughing::laughing::laughing:

.4 miles. Since the day I started this game/sport/hobby I thought that would be a great spot, but couldn't figure out to do one there.

well a 35mm film canister, for a micro did the trick, wish Ihad thought of it first. :o

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1.54 miles as the crow flies, though it's in a direction I rarely go. One of the local cachers has been hiding micros along my route to work - the very first cache I ever found was less than ten feet out of my way, and this week he planted several more directly along my mornign drive. Very distracting of him :laughing:

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513 feet from my front door. Three houses up the block to the corner, cross the street, turn left, and there's the park it's in. :-) However, I'm new to caching, so I'm far from the FTF.

There are 6 more less than a mile away (7 if you count the webcam cache at a local college).

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0.6 miles to the nearest cache that I do not own. In a small piece of woods next to an apartment building. Everyone who has found it said it would never last. And it's still there a year later. The owner found one cache, and hid one cache a year ago, and has not been active since.

I don't do kayak caches or cemetery caches, so the nearest findable one is 5.4 miles away.

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