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How many Caches within 50 miles?


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From your homepoint, how many caches does the Groundspeak website find within 50 miles of your house?


From my homepoint, I have 2081 caches within 50 miles, I wonder how many more it would be if there wasn't so much water west, south and east of me.


Tampa Bay area, relatively warm year round, so no need to stop caching because of snowfall is what I bet helps the number

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Tampa Bay area, relatively warm year round, so no need to stop caching because of snowfall is what I bet helps the number


Do you seriously think we Alaskans quit caching because of snow? We put away the bear & bug spray, trade a headnet for a balaclava, and keep on caching! Oh - and we may strap on skis, snowshoes, a dog team (see the Ladybug Kids' profile!) or a snowmobile... but we keep on caching. And with no hurricane weather to hamper us, we don't much worry about the evacuation-order season either! Lots of new caches get put out in the backcountry in winter because travel is actually easier when the ground's frozen hard & covered with the white stuff. :wub: The dark time bothers some, but we've got awesome night caches... and we can always hop Alaska Airlines & go visit Vegas!


Oh - and there's just 500 or so within 50 miles of home...

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2,354 within 50 miles of my house in northern NJ.


Tampa Bay area, relatively warm year round, so no need to stop caching because of snowfall is what I bet helps the number


Snowfall and cold temps don't stop us here. We go out in every season and every kind of weather, though things did slow down the week it was over 100.

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...ours is about 1300, including finds and disabled...Caching in California is nice IF you are in a larger city area. Our area of the San Joaquin is all dairies, groves and fields, so it is a nice country drive when caching. (My favorite saying while driving past a dairy is "You Gotta' Love the Smell of Agriculture!")

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1615 where I live now in Florida. A big chunk of area to the east is swallowed up by the Atlantic Ocean.

I have found over 1000 of those.


For you people that live in Southern California, you should move to the Inland Empire. From where I used to live in Riverside there are 6,307. I need to go back for a cache run.

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Within 50 miles? Only 67




40 planted by others


50 planted by me




We get to join the sub-100 club with only 80 caches within 50 miles of our house. 20 of those were placed by us and only 14 remain unfound by us. Half of the unfound caches are terrain 3.5 or high, which makes caching in a wheelchair a bit difficult. The others are either fairly new or just havent got around to them yet. One of the closest unfound caches is a 1/1 virtual in an abandoned uranium mine - only 35 miles away (about 50 by car) but all by itself so we havent justified the gas to spend all afternoon going out for one virtual.

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6,759 within 50 miles of Anaheim, CA (92804)




Edited to add: Just looked over the numbers. Looks like Anaheim is the highest right now! WOW!!! That is really a LOT of caches. And the pacific ocean is 16 miles from me, so that concentrates them even more!

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There are 449 from my house in Norway. Trouble is, a whole bunch of them are the other side of the major fjord running up to Oslo, which means a long drive or an expensive ferry ride. Almost half are across a national border into Sweden, across another fjord, so I have to remember my passport when hunting those. The last few I haven't bagged within a 20 or 30 mile radiues are mostly on islands, lighthouses, etc. The crinkly coastline can be a nuisance sometimes!

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